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May 2019 Archives

Back injuries suffered in car crashes are often life-changing

It is estimated that there are 285,000 people living in the United States who have suffered a spinal cord injury. Approximately 17,500 new injuries are reported every year. Those suffering from serious back injuries are often left with life-changing disabilities. California car accident victims also find themselves struggling with crippling medical expenses and other financial burdens that typically result.

Truckers plus fatigue can equal a basis for personal injury claim

Nearly 70 percent of the goods in this country are transported by commercial vehicles. It comes as no surprise then that the risks posed by a tired trucker to California travelers are incalculable. Due to the sheer size of these tractor-trailers, victims who are involved in a crash with one of them often suffer life-changing injuries. Those who are harmed may have a basis for filing a personal injury claim.

Researchers developing tools to gauge chances of brain injuries

One of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States for the 15-to-34 age group is traumatic head injuries. The most frequent cause of brain injuries is motor vehicle collisions. As too many California residents have discovered firsthand, a serious brain injury can have life changing implications.

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