Could falls lead to spinal cord injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Back Injuries

Several things make slip-and-fall accidents frightening. For one, they could happen anywhere. California residents could slip and trip in a store, on the sidewalk, in parking lots or any number of other locations. The other element that makes falls problematic are the potential injuries. Minor bumps and bruises aren’t all that could happen. Some slip-and-fall victims end up suffering from severe spinal damage.

Spinal injuries and falls

Slip-and-fall accidents may cause more spinal cord injuries than people realize. Falls from buildings, ladders and steps often cause such injuries, but many “same level” falls also do great harm.

An age gap exists when examining falls from the “same level.” Older adults suffer from such falls and injuries more often than people who are younger. The falls older people experience may result from poor motor function.

Younger people who become victims of high falls often experience these incidents on the job. Questions about liability may rise in these incidents. Why did someone fall from heights at work? Were there inadequate training and safety measures in place?

An older person who falls at a nursing home might be the victim of neglect. Was the staff keeping a careful eye on the person? When neglect factors into an injury, a lawsuit may follow.

Grave costs of spinal cord injuries

When someone suffers a spinal cord injury, a permanent disability may result. Such injuries could require extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Even then, the ability to work a full-time job might end up hampered. Someone who previously worked a physically demanding job might never return to their career.

The financial costs of a slip-and-fall accident could prove devastating. Therefore, seeking an insurance settlement or filing a lawsuit could seem unavoidable.

An attorney who understands slip-and-fall accidents may provide a client with insights into his or her options. Those options could include filing a lawsuit to recover financial losses.