How to avoid getting bitten by an aggressive dog

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Personal Injury

When dog owners in California are negligent, their dogs can become aggressive. That’s why the best way to prevent dog attacks is proper dog training. Unfortunately, we can’t stop other people from neglecting to train their dogs.

Dogs have a natural prey drive

When left untrained, a dog’s natural prey drive will become strong and unfocused. Joggers and bicyclists are often the victims of dog attacks because untrained dogs view any fast-moving creature as either prey or a threat.

If a dog is allowed to bark at every person going by its yard, this unchecked behavior can create a vicious cycle. The dog will feel like it is successfully defending its territory from predators, and the dog may become increasingly excited by this natural instinct. Eventually, the dog may want to bite the next “intruder.”


Try to remain calm

Knowing what to do ahead of time may prevent an aggressive dog from attacking you. Aggressive dogs will be more likely to bite you if you appear weak and scared. If confronted by an aggressive dog, try to remain calm and assertive, and do not make eye contact. If you have an object, try to place it in front of you to establish that you have plenty of space and don’t care to invade the dog’s territory.

What to do while being attacked

Dogs can surprise people sometimes, and many personal injury claims involve unavoidable dog attacks. If a dog starts attacking you, defend yourself by placing a backpack or sweater in front of the dog’s face. Protect your chest, throat, and face, and ball your fists to protect your fingers.

If you were viciously attacked by an untrained dog, it may be possible to sue the dog’s owner for financial compensation. Your medical expenses and lost income may be compensable in a dog bite claim.