What to Do If Your Child is Injured at School

28 Sep, 2018
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Unfortunately, injuries at school are not uncommon. A study found that 17,000 children every year are injured on school buses, with the most common injuries involving slips, falls, and bruises. 70% of school related injuries occur during recess and physical education, and 10% of kids injured in elementary school have to receive additional follow up …

How to Handle an Insurance Company

20 Sep, 2018
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Accidents happen, but sometimes even though you suffer an injury, whether it is from an automobile accident or an injury at work, your insurance company may refuse to pay your personal injury claim. If you were bit by a dog and have a claim against the homeowner’s insurance policy, their company may initially refuse to …

Are Your Aches and Pains Related to a Recent Car Accident

14 Sep, 2018
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You may have been hurt more than you initially suspected. Whether it’s a head-on collision or a mere fender bender, a car accident is an unexpected and traumatic event. Even in cases where you’re hit by someone traveling at a low rate of speed, you’re most definitely going to feel the impact, which may result …

What to Do If You Are Injured From a Dog Bite

10 Sep, 2018
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In 2017, 1 in every 72 Americans was bitten by a dog. 20% of people bitten by dogs experienced their dog bite wound become infection. Sadly, 39 people died as a result of dog bites in 2017. Injuries caused by dog bites can become very costly for the victim. Victims may have significant medical bills …

Social Media and Personal Injury Cases

31 Aug, 2018
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77% of Americans have at least one social media account. During a personal injury case, opposing attorneys can, and will, conduct backgrounds of litigants by looking through their social media profiles. In some instances, social media posts and data can be subpoenaed or admitted as evidence. Individuals have even lost personal injury cases because of …

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