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Truck Accidents Pose Additional Complications For Victims

When a truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the much smaller passenger car bears the brunt of the damage. The driver and any passengers often suffer catastrophic injuries from the crash. Unlike a standard car accident claim involving one driver, trucking accident claims often involve multiple parties with strong defensive backers who aggressively attempt to deny the claim. You need representation from an experienced attorney.

At Rush Injury Law in Novato, our team knows what it takes to fight the powerful trucking companies and their insurers. We know the tactics they use to deny claims and negotiate lower settlements, and we can fight back. If you were hit by a truck, let us help you hold them accountable.

Preserving Evidence In A Truck Accident

Evidence plays an essential role in truck accident claims. Following a collision, the truck driver is likely immediately in contact with the trucking company, which in turn reports the accident to their insurer. Right away, the insurer begins gathering evidence to deny a potential injury claim. Working with a lawyer as soon as possible can ensure key evidence does not mysteriously disappear.

Much like airplanes, most commercial vehicles have a black box that records data. The box can give detailed information about what was happening just before the accident. Helpful information can include:

  • The driver’s speed
  • Recent gear shifting
  • Brake usage
  • Communications between the driver and the trucking company
  • The driver’s length of time behind the wheel

Additional helpful records include driver logs, maintenance and repair logs, and records from daily and roadside inspections.

Taking On Big Opponents

In California and nationwide, trucking is a highly profitable industry, with large power players focused on protecting profits rather than accountability. Trucking insurance companies will fight aggressively to deny claims or to settle for much less than the claim is worth. We know how to build you a strong case that clearly highlights any wrongdoing. The trucking company has a defense team behind them, you should too.

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