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Possible new therapy for patients with brain injuries

The tragedy of a life-changing injury is a difficult experience for both victims and their loved ones. One of the most devastating types of injury is head trauma. There are countless California families who are dealing with the aftermath of these catastrophic injuries, which are often caused by the actions of a negligent party. However, researchers recently released their findings regarding a new possible therapy for those who have suffered serious brain injuries.

Based on the results of recent experimental treatments, researchers announced that the use of a particular stem cell treatment in brain-injured mice has appeared to yield promising results. Past research efforts using similar treatments were unsuccessful. The cells either died off before reaching the affected areas or were otherwise unable to provide any benefits. The new research employed the use of embryonic progenitor cells. These cells were able to migrate to the affected areas and help form new connections with damaged nerves.

Personal Injury lawsuits might help recoup dog bite expenses

The experience of getting bit by an animal is often a traumatic and terrifying event. Along with the emotional and physical pain, victims are often burdened with monetary damages that may include medical bills and lost wages. Victims who are bitten in California may have a basis for filing a personal injury suit in order to recoup the losses they sustained.

Recently, a woman was walking along a street with her bicycle when she was attacked by two dogs. According to the report, the animals approached her without any provocation on her part. The dogs purportedly knocked her to the ground and started to bite her about her upper torso. As the victim was screaming for assistance, neighbors heard her cries and rushed to provide help.

Car accidents change surviving families forever

Life can literally change or end in the blink of an eye. In many situations, horrific tragedies, such as car accidents, will leave victims or surviving families forever changed through injuries or untimely deaths. One recent California crash has left a young child to grow up without her mother and father.

California Highway Patrol officers were summoned to the scene of a crash involving a motorcycle and a passenger car. According to the preliminary investigation, a 17-year-old female was driving a car along Highway 50 when, for unknown reasons, she lost control of the vehicle. Officers stated that the vehicle started to spin and swerved across several lanes of traffic before coming to a stop. An oncoming motorcycle was unable to avoid the stalled car in time to prevent a collision.

Risks for pedestrians around daylight savings

Many Californians are mixed about the first Sunday in November. Daylight savings can give everyone in the state an extra hour of sleep, but it also means that it gets dark early and everyone has to readjust their clocks.

What can’t be disputed is the effect the new hours have on the roads. November is already a difficult time for pedestrians to take walks outside with the colder weather and the holidays near the end of the month, but that one hour time difference after the first Sunday often leads to an increase in fatalities. It’s important for residents who enjoy being outside around this time of year to understand why they are at risk and what preventive measures they can take before going on a walk.

Study shows medication prevents some deaths from brain injuries

Global statistics show that nearly 70 million people suffer a traumatic head injury every year. For many of these victims, there has been no effective treatment shown that could reduce damage and possibly prevent death from brain injuries. There have been countless California families who have lost loved ones to these tragic injuries every year.

A recently published study shows promise that a certain medication could provide beneficial treatment for those patients who have suffered a mild to moderate head injury. In prior studies, the drug, tranexamic acid, has already been shown to be effective in reducing the amount of bleeding in patients who have suffered traumatic injuries, such as gunshots. However, it was unknown until the most recent study whether the administration of this medication could prevent deaths in brain-injured patients.

Woman on trial for fatal car accident that killed 3 teens

For those who choose to drink and drive, the thought that they can wind up causing the death of an innocent person likely never enters their mind. Sadly, too many California families have lost a loved one based on the negligence of another motorist. One woman is on trial for a car accident that killed three teenagers.

According to witnesses, the 29-year-old woman appeared highly intoxicated after she left a bar on the night of the crash. As she attempted to complete a turn in her vehicle, she was observed striking the curbing with the right side of her car. As she got out to observe any damages, she purportedly was staggering and showed other signs of impairment. However, she got back in her car and apparently attempted to get through an intersection before the signal light changed. California police stated that she was traveling at about 79 mph in a 45 mph zone when she smashed into the rear of a car at the light.

California city looking at ways to reduce serious car accidents

In a short span of time, one California city reported several pedestrian accidents, including a child who suffered serious injuries. Frustrated residents held a protest to prompt city leaders to take actions to reduce the chances of further deaths and injuries caused by car accidents. Though several cities across the country have implemented Vision Zero changes, more needs to be done to prevent families from suffering the tragic effects caused by these often preventable collisions.

San Francisco is one of the more dangerous cities when it comes to traffic-related deaths and injuries. City officials are looking into solutions that can protect the well-being of cyclists and pedestrians since they are at a higher risk of injury -- especially in certain areas of the city. Several suggestions include reducing speed limits, installing more red-light cameras and redesigning intersections to make left turns safer.

Car hazards for students in every grade

Autumn may not be as notorious as a season for motor vehicle accidents as much as summer and winter are, but it can be difficult for California drivers to adjust to the first few months of the school year. They are still adjusting to the increase in buses and traffic near their local schools.

No matter what grade your child is going into, there are hazards on the road that can put them at risk. While the risk is always present, the potential threats vary on what type of school they are going to. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the dangers for each of their grades so you can warn them about these obstacles as they begin the school year.

Negligence while driving often leads to serious car accidents

Every day, California news stations report on serious traffic accidents that forever change the lives of those involved. Car accidents can occur in just about any manner, though ignoring traffic control signals is a common recipe for disaster. Sadly, four people recently lost their lives after a driver ran a red light.

Sheriff's deputies in one California county were called to the scene of a two-car collision. According to law enforcement officials, a driver operating a passenger car was traveling westbound along a local road while nearing an intersection. For reasons that are unclear, that motorist ignored a red traffic signal and continued on through the crossroads. At that time, his vehicle struck a second car that was traveling northbound. 

Not every serious injury appears immediately after car accidents

In the immediate moments after a traffic collision, those involved assess the physical condition of all victims. While this is a priority as obvious injuries need immediate treatment, not every serious injury will present signs in the moments or even hours after car accidents. Those who have been involved in California collisions are encouraged to watch for symptoms that may manifest days after a wreck.

There are several symptoms that could occur days afterwards. One of the first could be a recurrent headache. These could signal a serious condition such as a concussion, an injury to the spine or neck, or even a potentially serious blood clot. Pain in the neck or shoulder area can be a symptom of ongoing whiplash injuries. These types of injuries can occur at low speeds and may require in-depth medical tests to properly diagnosis and form an appropriate treatment plan.

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