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Not every serious injury appears immediately after car accidents

In the immediate moments after a traffic collision, those involved assess the physical condition of all victims. While this is a priority as obvious injuries need immediate treatment, not every serious injury will present signs in the moments or even hours after car accidents. Those who have been involved in California collisions are encouraged to watch for symptoms that may manifest days after a wreck.

There are several symptoms that could occur days afterwards. One of the first could be a recurrent headache. These could signal a serious condition such as a concussion, an injury to the spine or neck, or even a potentially serious blood clot. Pain in the neck or shoulder area can be a symptom of ongoing whiplash injuries. These types of injuries can occur at low speeds and may require in-depth medical tests to properly diagnosis and form an appropriate treatment plan.

With coming school year, alert motorists can avoid car accidents

As summer vacation for students draws to a close, the California Office for Traffic Safety is once again urging motorists to be alert. Many children on their way to and from school are at risk of becoming victims of car accidents due to inattentive or negligent motorists. Both parents and students are reminded to practice safety while traveling to and from schools.

Officials with the OTS are making every effort to remind motorists that the upcoming school year means an increase in traffic around these facilities. They reiterated that no child should be in danger while attempting to get to school or home. All motorists are reminded to be especially vigilant during the mornings and at dismissal times. Whether one is walking, driving or bicycling, all are charged with the responsibility of exercising caution and being alert to the presence of others. 

Ex-cop files personal injury suit against gun-maker

Product manufacturers are held to strict safety standards in order to protect the safety and well-being of consumers. However, gun manufacturers are permitted to voluntarily submit products for testing as there is no federal agency charged with ensuring the safety of firearms. Recently, one former police officer filed a personal injury lawsuit over a firearm that is sanctioned by some police departments in California for off-duty officers.

According to the lawsuit, the man was at home with his children and pregnant wife nearby. He inadvertently dropped his still-holstered gun. When it hit the ground, the weapon discharged and sent a bullet through his left leg, shattering his bone and leaving him with a potentially permanent disability. The weapon, a 9mm Honor Guard handgun, has been the subject of complaints about its propensity for firing when dropped or bumped hard.

Grieving father laments lack of penalty for tragic car accidents

Few things in life are as eagerly anticipated as the birth of a child. Sadly, too often, parents are faced with the nightmare of losing a beloved child as well as other family members in senseless car accidents. One California father has called for changes after the man who caused a fatal collision received a maximum 10 years in prison for a drunk driving conviction.

The tragic accident occurred last September as the pregnant mother of four was headed down a California roadway. According to the police report, the woman's vehicle was struck head-on by another driver who was intoxicated. Police located the driver walking around his vehicle while live-streaming the aftermath of the crash. Emergency responders rushed to extinguish the flames in the woman's minivan before they could safely extricate her and transport her by helicopter to a local hospital.

Educate children to avoid dog bites

It comes as no surprise that the most common victims to vicious dog attacks are children. A study reveals that between 2005 to 2017, almost half of those killed by dog bites were kids that were less than 10 years old. Children are smaller and are less physically capable of retaliating against violent canines, so they tend to be easy targets.

Kids also lack the necessary experience and maturity when it comes to dealing with animals, so many of the victims often end up provoking a dog into attacking them. As a parent, it is crucial to teach your kid how to approach dogs in the following circumstances so they don’t end up in the hospital covered in bites and scratches:

Vehicle crashes are responsible for half of severe brain injuries

One of the most traumatizing events in life is a car accident. According to statistics, more than 50% of all traumatic brain injuries are the result of vehicle crashes. Countless California families have had their lives turned upside down when these wrecks cause life-changing injuries.

Brain injuries can take different forms. If an accident causes a victim to be struck by a sharp or heavy object, an open wound or skull fracture may be inflicted. These types of injuries can be devastating -- depending on the type of damage that the brain may receive. However, even more severe injuries can be suffered without the presence of open cuts or skull deformities.

Personal injury claims against e-scooters could soon increase

Cities throughout California and across the nation are trying to ease congestion and reduce pollution. Several ride-sharing companies have responded by introducing e-scooters for short-term rentals. While most cites have drafted new regulations concerning the safe use of these vehicles, there have been several personal injury lawsuits filed over serious injuries that riders have suffered.

Recently, there have been reports that several models of these scooters have a glitch in their system that permits the motor to exceed the regulated speed required by many cities. Most municipalities have capped the speed limit at between 10 and 15 m.p.h. However, some riders have discovered a short circuit that could be accidentally triggered that allows the regulator to be bypassed. Consumer Reports tested the scooters and were able to reproduce the malfunction in several models. When activated -- either on purpose or by chance -- the glitch permits the rider to hit speeds in excess of 20 m.p.h. 

Back injuries suffered in car crashes are often life-changing

It is estimated that there are 285,000 people living in the United States who have suffered a spinal cord injury. Approximately 17,500 new injuries are reported every year. Those suffering from serious back injuries are often left with life-changing disabilities. California car accident victims also find themselves struggling with crippling medical expenses and other financial burdens that typically result.

Injuries involving the spinal cord are often more serious and debilitating. Depending on the location of the injury, different body systems and functions can be affected. The higher up on the spinal column the injury occurred, the more likely it is that serious consequences will result. Injuries involving the cervical section may cause quadriplegia, requiring ventilator-assisted breathing. Depending on the focal point of an injury further down the column, a patient may experience partial or total loss of use of his or her arms or legs. 

Street racing continues to claim lives in California

Since the early 2000s, several cities in California have become the most popular places in the country for street races to take place. The warm weather, long highways and heavily populated areas make these areas the prime locations for competitive racers to burn rubber and see who’s the best of the best.

Not only are these car races illegal, but they endanger both the drivers and any unfortunate motorist that just happens to go near it. While police have made efforts to prevent these races in recent years, two related accidents within the last month show that local drivers should still have concerns when driving at night.

Truckers plus fatigue can equal a basis for personal injury claim

Nearly 70 percent of the goods in this country are transported by commercial vehicles. It comes as no surprise then that the risks posed by a tired trucker to California travelers are incalculable. Due to the sheer size of these tractor-trailers, victims who are involved in a crash with one of them often suffer life-changing injuries. Those who are harmed may have a basis for filing a personal injury claim.

A comprehensive truck crash study was conducted over several years to determine the main factors involved in a commercial vehicle accident. Data for the study was gleaned from eyewitness accounts, police reports, driver interviews and evidence from crash scenes. Researchers found that driver fatigue was a common factor in a large percentage of the wrecks. The study found that there were 19 factors that appeared most frequently, and of those, 15 were the result of driver errors.

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