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Devices to relieve pain of back injuries a medical nightmare

There are few things in life that are more debilitating than chronic and unrelenting pain. When that pain is caused by serious back injuries or diseases, patients may find it nearly impossible to carry out their normal routines. Sadly, many California residents find themselves struggling to overcome this pain and while trying to live a normal life.

Injuries to the back and spine can result in pain that does not respond to typical treatment. As a way to limit the prescription addictions, medical device companies have been marketing devices that purportedly can relieve up to 75 percent of pain. These devices are surgically implanted near the spinal cord and are intended to block pain signals that reach the brain by releasing impulses through thin lead wires that are connected to the power supply under the skin. Patients then are supposedly able to control the amount and timing of these impulses through the use of a remote control. Unfortunately, these devices often cause more harm. 

Road rage incidents can lead to terrifying car accidents

It has only been in the past several years that the term "road rage" has been used to describe often terrifying behavior of one driver that is directed toward fellow motorists. This behavior often stems from either an actual or perceived wrongdoing on the part of a driver that another finds offensive or dangerous. In an effort to retaliate, an individual may engage in dangerous driving maneuvers that may result in serious car accidents. Police in California are now pointing to road rage as a cause of one serious crash that critically injured a motorcyclist.

According to the reports, a 54-year-old man driving a pickup truck purportedly used the front of this truck to bump the rear tire of the motorcycle. That contact caused the rider to lose control, and he was subsequently dislodged from his seat. His body then struck a road barrier. The motorcycle traveled on until it collided with a pedestrian.

5 recommendations to follow after car accidents

No one anticipates being involved in a serious collision when they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, car accidents occur without warning and often leave the victims dazed and uncertain about how to proceed. Anyone in California facing these unnerving situations may be better prepared by taking the following steps.

In the seconds after a collision, the first priority is to check oneself, passengers and anyone else involved for injuries. Even in the event that no one appears to have suffered any obvious injuries, such as broken bones or open wounds, one could still have a significant injury that is not immediately apparent. Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries can result in serious and debilitating ailments. Contact police and emergency crews to report the wreck and to have everyone involved thoroughly assessed for injuries.

Common causes for children getting hit by cars

It can be a terrifying experience for a parent to find out their child has been struck by a car. However, getting hit by a car is the third leading cause of death for children between ages 5 and 9, according to the Association for Psychological Science. As a parent, it is important to understand the common causes of these crashes, so you can help your child avoid being hit by a car while walking.

According to an article by the Association for Psychological Science, children are susceptible to getting hit by cars because they are easily distracted, they are smaller than adults and they do not see the cars coming. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration resources also highlight the impulsive nature of children ages 10 and under and recommends children in that age range have supervision when walking or playing near roadways.

Efforts for traffic light improvement in the Bay Area

Traffic lights serve very important safety roles. However, they can also sometimes be frustrating for drivers.

Such frustration can be particularly common when traffic light systems are inefficient, such as not being well-timed given the traffic on the roads they are on. Frustration over inefficient traffic lights may leave some drivers tempted to disobey signals. Drivers illegally entering intersections on red lights can significantly gum up traffic. It can also create major risks of multi-vehicle collisions occurring or pedestrians getting hit.

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