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Fatality rates from red light runners

California roads can be dangerous in cities with heavy traffic and a lot of distracted drivers. One of the most dangerous things that a driver can do on the road is to run a red light. Whether red-light runners are purely reckless or making a mistake because they are...

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An overview of premises liability

Premises liability is an area of personal injury that holds property owners responsible for the injury of visitors. The property owner owes a duty of care to all people who come on the premises. If a person in gets injured on personal property, they may have a case to...

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Not all brain injuries are equal

Everyone in California understands that brain injuries can be devastating, but new data shows that people are affected differently by similar brain traumas. People of color are up to twice as likely to die from brain injuries as white people. This shocking figure has...

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The most common types of back injuries

It's not uncommon for many California citizens to deal with some sort of back injury throughout their lifetime. Some of these injuries come on slowly over time due to repetitive movements, while others come on suddenly. Understanding what type of back injury you have...

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