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5 recommendations to follow after car accidents

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

No one anticipates being involved in a serious collision when they get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, car accidents occur without warning and often leave the victims dazed and uncertain about how to proceed. Anyone in California facing these unnerving situations may be better prepared by taking the following steps.

In the seconds after a collision, the first priority is to check oneself, passengers and anyone else involved for injuries. Even in the event that no one appears to have suffered any obvious injuries, such as broken bones or open wounds, one could still have a significant injury that is not immediately apparent. Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries can result in serious and debilitating ailments. Contact police and emergency crews to report the wreck and to have everyone involved thoroughly assessed for injuries.

If there are no significant injuries, police should still be contacted whenever there is property damage that results in a disabled vehicle. Likewise, if the other driver flees the scene, police should be contacted. Even in the event of a minor crash, a police report can help facilitate an insurance claim. The motorists involved are required to exchange insurance policy and current contact information.

Document as many details about the accident as possible, including photos or videos of injuries and property damages. Next, contact an attorney. Even when car accidents appear to be minor, an injury could later be diagnosed that causes the victim to suffer lingering pain and disabilities. Anyone injured in a California accident may need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney in order to pursue recovery of monetary damages that they have sustained through the negligence of another party.

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