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Bike turnout lane initiative is reducing accidents

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Every driver has run into slow bikers that take up the entire lane. They either have to slow down 10 or 20 mph to avoid hitting them or speed up and pass the bike in the opposite lane. Avoiding bikers is a nuisance for many drivers and may lead to acts of road rage. However, a new bike turnout lane initiative in California is reducing the incidences of cyclist-motorist road rage.

The benefits of turnout lanes

At Mount Diablo on Summit Road, the roads are narrow and often lead to collisions between bikes and cars. A new bike turnout lane initiative has decreased the number of bike-car crashes to nearly zero. A turnout lane allows bikers to pull over by the side of the road and let cars pass them. On a narrow two-way highway, tensions are high because drivers are frustrated trying to avoid collisions. Bicyclists need to do their part to help drivers keep them safe.

The burden of colliding with cyclists

Cyclists who are traveling on a narrow two-way roadway need to act more leniently toward drivers. If one or more vehicles are training behind them, they must use the turnout lane to avoid causing motor vehicle accidents.

Colliding with a bicyclist is often disastrous. A cyclist’s injuries are significantly more serious than those suffered by drivers who get into accidents. And drivers are often blamed for causing a biker’s injuries and must provide compensation by court order.

The legal importance of turnout lanes

Road rage is common in tight spots where drivers have to encounter bicyclists. On narrow roads near rugged terrain, it’s difficult or impossible for them to pass cyclists easily. New laws are making it a requirement to build turnout lanes that make everyone safer.

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