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Personal Injury lawsuits might help recoup dog bite expenses

The experience of getting bit by an animal is often a traumatic and terrifying event. Along with the emotional and physical pain, victims are often burdened with monetary damages that may include medical bills and lost wages. Victims who are bitten in California may have a basis for filing a personal injury suit in order to recoup the losses they sustained.

Ex-cop files personal injury suit against gun-maker

Product manufacturers are held to strict safety standards in order to protect the safety and well-being of consumers. However, gun manufacturers are permitted to voluntarily submit products for testing as there is no federal agency charged with ensuring the safety of firearms. Recently, one former police officer filed a personal injury lawsuit over a firearm that is sanctioned by some police departments in California for off-duty officers.

Personal injury claims against e-scooters could soon increase

Cities throughout California and across the nation are trying to ease congestion and reduce pollution. Several ride-sharing companies have responded by introducing e-scooters for short-term rentals. While most cites have drafted new regulations concerning the safe use of these vehicles, there have been several personal injury lawsuits filed over serious injuries that riders have suffered.

Truckers plus fatigue can equal a basis for personal injury claim

Nearly 70 percent of the goods in this country are transported by commercial vehicles. It comes as no surprise then that the risks posed by a tired trucker to California travelers are incalculable. Due to the sheer size of these tractor-trailers, victims who are involved in a crash with one of them often suffer life-changing injuries. Those who are harmed may have a basis for filing a personal injury claim.

You have suffered enough; a personal injury lawsuit may ease pain

In one moment, you could go from competing in California marathons to finding yourself exhausted just trying to navigate the stairs in your home after you have been involved in a serious accident. Sadly, your physical pain may only be the beginning once your ability to earn your paycheck has been taken away. Even though your physical abilities have been reduced, there may be help in restoring your financial security through a personal injury lawsuit.

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