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Californians can take steps to prevent falls

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Slips and falls are a significant threat for members of the elderly population in California. Falls are the leading causes of fractures for older Americans and have even resulted in death in some cases.

Approximately half of slip and fall accidents take place in the home of the fall victims. The good news is there are preventative measures that can be used to reduce the risk of accidents in the home. The Stop Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries Program, set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, highlights four fall prevention strategies available to everyone.

The first step in the STEADI program is talking to providers regarding falling risks. Patients should tell a provider if they often feel they are unsteady on their feet or if medicines they are taking are making them feel fatigued or weak.

The STEADI program suggests an exercise regimen to increase strength and balance. Special attention should be paid to exercises that strengthen the legs.

The chances of falling will decrease significantly for members of the elderly population who regularly have their feet and eyes checked by a doctor. Prescriptions for eyewear should be kept up to date. Doctors may also be able to suggest footwear that will help with foot conditions.

A final tip from the STEADI program is to make the home of an elderly person as fall-proof as possible. Oftentimes, this mission can be accomplished by removing clothes, books, and other things from the floor of the home that may represent a tripping hazard.

Slip and fall accidents are a major threat to individuals who have matured to an advanced age. And when these slip and fall accidents happen away from home, the injured person may have the right to compensation for the injuries that are sustained. A personal injury attorney may be able to help document the injuries sustained in a fall and argue the case for compensation before a court.

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