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Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

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Motorcycles do not provide as much protection as vehicles, so when motorcyclists get into an accident, their injuries are often severe. Some of the most common injuries that are sustained in a motorcycle accident include:

Road Rash

Bikers are often thrown off of their motorcycles during a collision. When this happens, their skin may make contact with the pavement, which will lead to road rash . Make no mistake-this is not a minor cut or scrape. Road rash can remove layers of skin and even lead to infections and nerve damage. It’s important to note that the pavement can often rip through thin layers of clothing, so you may experience road rash even if you are wearing long sleeves and full-length pants at the time of the accident.

Head Injuries

Unfortunately, riders often sustain traumatic brain injuries in motorcycle accidents. Riders who aren’t thrown off of their bikes may suffer minor concussions if the impact of the collision causes their head to jerk back and forth. If a motorcyclist is thrown from his bike, he is at risk of sustaining even more serious injuries, including brain damage or a cracked skull.

Motorcyclists who are not wearing helmets at the time of the accident are likely to suffer much more serious brain injuries than those who are wearing the proper safety gear. However, there is still a chance that even a helmet will not be enough to protect your head during a motorcycle accident.

Biker’s Arm

In the moment that a collision between a motorcycle and a vehicle occurs, the biker may realize he is about to be thrown off of his bike. It’s instinctual for bikers to position their arms in front of or wrapped around their bodies in an attempt to lessen the impact before they hit the pavement. If the biker ends up landing on his arm, he risks suffering permanent nerve damage as a result of the impact. Biker’s arm can somewhat be avoided with protective gear such as elbow pads and leather jackets made out of thick, sturdy material, however even wearing this gear won’t completely eliminate the risk.

Lower Body Injuries

Motorcyclists often sustain lower body injuries such as broken or fractured bones in a motorcycle accident. These injuries can either occur when the motorcyclist hits the pavement or if the motorcycle lands on top of the biker’s lower body. In extreme cases, the entire leg can be crushed from the weight of the motorcycle and may need to be amputated.

There is no way to ensure you will never get into a motorcycle accident in your life, but there are ways to make it less likely. If you plan on riding your bike, make sure you are wearing all of the recommended safety gear, including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and form-fitting clothing. It’s impossible to control how other people on the roads will drive, but you can do your part to make the streets safer by following all traffic laws and remaining focused on your environment.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? If the accident was caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. To determine whether you should file a claim, speak with experienced personal injury attorney James Rush at once. Call 415-897-4801 today to schedule your free consultation.

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