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Devices to relieve pain of back injuries a medical nightmare

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There are few things in life that are more debilitating than chronic and unrelenting pain. When that pain is caused by serious back injuries or diseases, patients may find it nearly impossible to carry out their normal routines. Sadly, many California residents find themselves struggling to overcome this pain and while trying to live a normal life.

Injuries to the back and spine can result in pain that does not respond to typical treatment. As a way to limit the prescription addictions, medical device companies have been marketing devices that purportedly can relieve up to 75 percent of pain. These devices are surgically implanted near the spinal cord and are intended to block pain signals that reach the brain by releasing impulses through thin lead wires that are connected to the power supply under the skin. Patients then are supposedly able to control the amount and timing of these impulses through the use of a remote control. Unfortunately, these devices often cause more harm.

One patient consented to having a spinal-cord stimulator implanted after being informed by his physician that he would need to be weaned off of addictive pain medications. However, the device began to malfunction shortly after it was implanted, which resulted in the patient suffering from burns and a significant increase in pain levels. The man claims that he is now much worse off than before and is barely able to leave his bed.

There have been dozens of reports from patients who have suffered similar results from faulty devices. Several companies manufacture these devices, and there is limited oversight by the Food and Drug Administration once these simulators are on the market. California residents who have suffered greater harm by devices intended to relieve the pain caused by serious back injuries may have grounds to seek a just remedy for their monetary damages.

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