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Elderly Drivers Have a Greater Incidence of Car Accidents

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

Being able to drive themselves from place to place is a privilege that California residents take seriously. Elderly drivers may get into accidents because of diminished cognitive skills and reaction times. However, there are plenty of elderly people who drive safely and who obey all of the rules of the road. In order for elderly drivers to maintain their abilities to drive safely, there are things that they can do to help ensure that they and that everyone around them stays safe.

Get regular exercise

One key thing that elderly drivers can do to remain safe on the road is to stay on top of their physical activity. Exercising as regularly as possible can help enhance and strengthen response times so that they can respond in all types of driving conditions.

Limit distractions

Elderly drivers can also limit their exposure to things that distract them. For instance, if their minds start to drift when they listen to music or podcasts, they should not have these distractions on while they’re driving. A quiet car can help them focus on the road. It would also be helpful if they shut off their cell phones. A ringing phone can cause some older drivers to become startled, so shutting off the phone can help prevent this from happening.

Drive during the day

It may also be helpful for elderly drivers to drive during the day versus the night. Nighttime driving can make people very sleepy, and this can be particularly true with older drivers. Many older drivers also take medications in the evening that help them sleep, so avoiding driving during these times is key in order to avoid car accidents.

Elderly drivers may benefit by working with law firms that have experience working with these types of cases. These lawyers may be able to help drivers get the help they need to take charge of their situations.

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