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How safety guides can send mixed messages

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

You can find safety symbols virtually everywhere in California, ranging from hand-washing guides to warnings on cribs and car seats. While most people can recognize these symbols instantly, experts say that they don’t always impart accurate information. As a result, it’s important not to take these images too literally.

How can safety images send mixed messages?

A researcher pointed out that scientists usually aren’t the ones posting on social media. The job is typically reserved for graphic designers and social media managers who are tasked with designing icons, charts and infographics. Since they don’t have the same level of expertise as scientists and researchers, they might not realize that they’re sending mixed messages.

For example, researchers pointed out that one social media post recommended using cribs without bumpers. To illustrate the point, they used an image of a crib with a bumper. This can be confusing for parents, especially if they’re scrolling through social media and don’t take the time to read the post. They might walk away thinking that they’re supposed to buy a crib with a bumper for their child.

Inconsistent imagery could increase the number of preventable accidents, leading to more personal injury lawsuits. One of the researchers involved in the study said that graphic designers should focus more on accuracy than grabbing the viewer’s attention. Otherwise, their audience might miss the point that they’re trying to get across.

Were you injured in a preventable accident?

If you’re like thousands of other clients, you might have found yourself paying the price for another person’s negligence. Some people escape with minor injuries while others suffer from severe burns, disfigurement, brain trauma or permanent disability. Talk to an attorney about filing a personal injury lawsuit against the person or company that was responsible for your injuries.

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