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How safety technology in cars is causing more accidents

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

As you drive in California, it’s imperative to stay safe behind the wheel. Considering that, many automobile manufacturers include a range of safety tech in their vehicles. Unfortunately, these types of safety-related technology aren’t making roads as safe as you think. Here’s a closer look at the problems automobile safety systems are causing.

The rise of safety tech in automobiles

In recent years, you’ve likely noticed lots of technology making its way inside of vehicles. With that in mind, two popular technological features of new vehicles are adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping-assist systems.

Adaptive cruise control not only controls your vehicle’s speed but also claims to help you avoid hitting other drivers by controlling your car’s distance away from them. A lane-keeping-assist system alerts you when you’re departing into another vehicle’s lane.

Why are safety features causing automobile accidents?

While adaptive cruise control and a lane-assist-system can help you drive safer, they can’t prevent a motor vehicle accident. Inherently, vehicle safety systems aren’t dangerous. They become dangerous when motorists let their guard down by solely depending on these technological features to drive for them.

The rise in automobile safety technology-related accidents isn’t going away, according to research from AAA. The organization found that using safety technology in automobiles makes drivers almost twice as likely to drive while distracted. Because of this, experts recommend that the automobile industry should spend more time and effort educating drivers about how to use their features safely.

As you can see, safety technology in most new automobiles isn’t as safe as it might seem. Unfortunately, these features contribute to lots of distracted driving. If you got injured by someone else’s distracted driving, it might be a good idea to contact a car accident lawyer.

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