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Not every serious injury appears immediately after car accidents

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In the immediate moments after a traffic collision, those involved assess the physical condition of all victims. While this is a priority as obvious injuries need immediate treatment, not every serious injury will present signs in the moments or even hours after car accidents. Those who have been involved in California collisions are encouraged to watch for symptoms that may manifest days after a wreck.

There are several symptoms that could occur days afterwards. One of the first could be a recurrent headache. These could signal a serious condition such as a concussion, an injury to the spine or neck, or even a potentially serious blood clot. Pain in the neck or shoulder area can be a symptom of ongoing whiplash injuries. These types of injuries can occur at low speeds and may require in-depth medical tests to properly diagnosis and form an appropriate treatment plan.

Injuries to the upper and lower back regions occur in approximately half of rear-impact collisions. Those who are involved in side-impact crashes may have an even higher risk of suffering some type of back injury, whether it be to the muscles, soft tissue or vertebrae. These injuries may also take time to present symptoms and may require extensive therapies to encourage healing. Abdominal injuries may also take a while before a victim is aware of a problem. Swelling, deep bruising and dizziness or weakness could indicate internal bleeding, which can quickly become a life-threatening emergency.

One of the most serious injuries related to car accidents is a traumatic brain injury, which can cause life-long complications. Lastly, victims may experience symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, which is reportedly more common in children. Those who have suffered serious injuries in a crash may also struggle with the associated financial setbacks and losses. When a crash is the result of negligent actions on the part of another party, victims may elect to pursue recovery of their damages through the California civil courts.

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