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Older cars more liable to be in defect-related crashes

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Many California residents own older vehicles, and there is good reason for this. Many don’t have the money to spend on a newer vehicle, and after all, a car can last 15 years or more and sometimes run for 300,000 miles. The problem, though, is that owners may not maintain their vehicles and that this can lead to defective equipment, which can raise the risk of an accident.

The Ohio Highway Patrol has pointed out that in the past three years in that state, 56% of car crashes involving defective equipment were caused by cars made between 1999 and 2008. Those made between 2009 and 2018 caused 24% of such crashes. Of those defect-related crashes that ended in death, 42% were the result of a tire blowout. The OHP also mentioned brake failure as a common factor.

It makes sense that blown tires would arise so often because tires are expensive and tire replacement is one of those maintenance tasks that are easily neglected. Maintaining a newer vehicle is not cheap, though. AAA says that finance costs on new vehicles went up 24% in 2019. Newer vehicles come with electronics that can make something as simple as a bumper replacement cost somewhere around $1,000.

When it comes to car accidents, there is usually the question of negligence. While some vehicle defects may escape the owner’s attention through no fault of his or her own, others are obvious. Victims of a defect-related crash may find it hard to prove the other driver’s negligence, but with a lawyer, the process may become a little smoother. A lawyer may hire crash investigators to gather the proof, and medical experts may come in to determine the extent of injuries. Victims may leave the negotiations to their lawyer.

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