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Personal Injury lawsuits might help recoup dog bite expenses

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The experience of getting bit by an animal is often a traumatic and terrifying event. Along with the emotional and physical pain, victims are often burdened with monetary damages that may include medical bills and lost wages. Victims who are bitten in California may have a basis for filing a personal injury suit in order to recoup the losses they sustained.

Recently, a woman was walking along a street with her bicycle when she was attacked by two dogs. According to the report, the animals approached her without any provocation on her part. The dogs purportedly knocked her to the ground and started to bite her about her upper torso. As the victim was screaming for assistance, neighbors heard her cries and rushed to provide help.

One neighbor struck the dogs with a shovel to help stop the attack. The animals headed to a nearby property while medical help was summoned for the victim who suffered what were described as severe bite wounds. According to the report, there was a previous call concerning two animals that were at large but reportedly were not presenting a threat at the time.

When officials arrived at the property where the dogs supposedly resided, the purported owner was found deceased from unknown causes. The dogs apparently escaped the property through an unlatched gate. The animals were impounded and may be humanely euthanized once officials have completed their investigation.

It is unknown whether California officials will identify any individuals who can be held accountable for the attack on the woman. However, in most cases, when a pet launches an unprovoked attack, owners are held liable for the damages their animals cause. Victims may seek compensation for the damages they sustained through a personal injury civil suit.

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