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Possible new therapy for patients with brain injuries

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The tragedy of a life-changing injury is a difficult experience for both victims and their loved ones. One of the most devastating types of injury is head trauma. There are countless California families who are dealing with the aftermath of these catastrophic injuries, which are often caused by the actions of a negligent party. However, researchers recently released their findings regarding a new possible therapy for those who have suffered serious brain injuries.

Based on the results of recent experimental treatments, researchers announced that the use of a particular stem cell treatment in brain-injured mice has appeared to yield promising results. Past research efforts using similar treatments were unsuccessful. The cells either died off before reaching the affected areas or were otherwise unable to provide any benefits. The new research employed the use of embryonic progenitor cells. These cells were able to migrate to the affected areas and help form new connections with damaged nerves.

Scientists claim that mice that were treated with these cells showed measurable improvements in memory and were prevented from developing epilepsy, a common side effect from certain types of brain injury. Subjects that received the cells performed in ways that were comparable to healthy mice. The area of the brain that was injured in the mice was the hippocampus, which controls both learning and memory.

Though researchers said it is impossible to prevent certain types of cell death in the aftermath of an injury, the study results are an encouraging sign in the efforts to find an effective treatment for brain injuries. Unfortunately, animal studies do not predict a similar outcome in human patients. In the meantime, victims who have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to the negligence of another party often struggle to maintain their previous quality of life. Those who were injured in a California accident may have a basis for seeking just compensation for their damages through the state’s civil justice system.

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