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Prevent Personal Injury This Summer With These Tips

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes vacations, sun, beaches, and lots of other fun, family-friendly activities. Visions of summer often include children playing, people sunbathing, and other activities that don’t seem the least bit dangerous. But when summer comes, it brings some bad news as well as good. In the summer months, crime rates increase and DUI arrests skyrocket, especially in California. The nicer the weather, the more opportunities for criminals to hit victims. Children also become more susceptible to accidents as they are outside more and playing in pools or other bodies of water. Here are a few ideas to keep yourself out of the ER (and attorney’s office).

Keep A Closer Eye On The Kids

Summer is the best time of the year to be a kid. School is out, friends are around every day, and the weather permits all kinds of fun outdoor activities. Unfortunately, this also increases the risk that children get hurt. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children under 14 and a majority of those deaths occur during the warm summer months. If your kids are playing in a pool, they need your undivided attention. That phone call can wait until they’re done swimming (or at least make them get out of the pool while you answer it). It only takes a few minutes for an accident in a pool to result in permanent consequences. Fence off the pool area and let your children know they aren’t allowed inside without an adult.

Be Careful Driving (Especially At Night)

Let’s be blunt here – if you get a DUI in the age of Uber being in every major city, you probably aren’t scoring very high on any intelligence tests. But while drinking and driving is illegal, being stupid is not and people still try to get away with it every year. Overall, drunk driving incidents are down, but those totals increase in the warm summer months. If you want to avoid these clowns, take extra caution when driving at night. And make sure to be off the roads by the time the bars close. Increased police presence and checkpoints aren’t enough to deter the most reckless offenders, so always keep an eye on other cars.

Avoid Unfamiliar Areas

Vacation goers are often prime targets for criminals. They’re in an unfamiliar location, often carrying cash, and usually not completely in tune with their surroundings. All kinds of crime increases in the summer as teenagers are out of school, people are frequently not home, and excessive heat brings short tempers. Stay out of arguments and keep all doors and windows locked when you aren’t at home (or the hotel if you’re vacationing). And if a group on the beach is drinking, swearing, and blasting loud, inappropriate music, let the cops handle it.

Rush Injury Law handles personal injury cases of all sorts and their attorneys are experts in getting injured parties their proper compensation. If the summer heat has resulted in you getting assaulted or injured, contact James Rush now and schedule a consultation.

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