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Program works to help patients deal with traumatic brain injuries

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Most people go about their daily activities without spending time considering how their entire life could change in one devastating moment. Sadly, countless California families have been forever changed when an unforeseen accident leaves victims trying to cope with everyday life after suffering traumatic brain injuries. Many of these horrifying injuries are caused by serious car accidents.

There are programs available that work with patients who have suffered a life-changing head injury. One such program was recently spotlighted for its work with these patients. The staff provide supportive care that includes helping patients cope with pain management, physical limitations, and emotional and mental changes. This program also enables eligible patients to re-learn how to operate a motor vehicle.

One recent rehabilitation patient was recognized by staff for her hard work and cheerful demeanor in spite of her multiple injuries. She suffered more than two dozen broken bones in addition to a serious brain injury after a tractor-trailer collided with her vehicle. However, by going through the services provided to her by this program, the patient was able to recover her health enough to enter a driver rehabilitation program.

This particular program has assisted more than 600 patients who have suffered from either spinal cord or brain injuries. There are other such programs that can provide the specialized assistance that these victims may need while they work to recover as much of their physical health as possible. Victims who have suffered serious injuries caused by an accident that occurred in California may have recourse to seek compensation for monetary damages that they have sustained due to the negligence of another party.

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