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Questions yet unanswered after fatal collision

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

Investigators must often work for days, even weeks, to determine all the factors that may or may not have been involved in a particular car accident. A fatal collision occurred on a recent Friday evening in California. Police say preliminary investigations did not show whether alcohol or drugs may have been a factor.

What investigators did discover, however, was that a 21-year-old male had been driving in an eastbound lane moments before the crash occurred. Witnesses say he was traveling at excessive speeds and making unsafe lane changes over the double yellow line on the roadway. At some point, the man’s vehicle collided head-on with a vehicle in the westbound lane.

The driver of the eastbound vehicle did not survive his injuries. A 40-year-old woman was behind the wheel of the westbound vehicle that was struck. She was transported by ambulance to an area hospital with severe injuries.

Another person who survived was also taken to a hospital for medical treatment after suffering injuries in the fatal collision. Many California accidents involve high rates of speed, driver intoxication or other negligence as key factors. When a driver’s negligence has caused another person or people to suffer injury, the recovering victims may seek justice in civil court. A personal injury claim can be filed against a decedent’s estate if the one who caused the accident did not survive the incident. This type of litigation is especially challenging, which is why most people rely on experienced legal representation at every stage of the legal process.

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