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Road rage incidents can lead to terrifying car accidents

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It has only been in the past several years that the term “road rage” has been used to describe often terrifying behavior of one driver that is directed toward fellow motorists. This behavior often stems from either an actual or perceived wrongdoing on the part of a driver that another finds offensive or dangerous. In an effort to retaliate, an individual may engage in dangerous driving maneuvers that may result in serious car accidents. Police in California are now pointing to road rage as a cause of one serious crash that critically injured a motorcyclist.

According to the reports, a 54-year-old man driving a pickup truck purportedly used the front of this truck to bump the rear tire of the motorcycle. That contact caused the rider to lose control, and he was subsequently dislodged from his seat. His body then struck a road barrier. The motorcycle traveled on until it collided with a pedestrian.

The driver who touched off the crashes did not stop to render aid to any of the victims. A bystander was able to record his license tag and reported it to the police. The driver was later arrested when he reported to work the next day. His truck was also located, and the damage it sustained was consistent with the accident report.

The motorcyclist suffered critical injuries, and the pedestrian suffered a broken leg in the crash. The driver at fault may be facing several serious charges in connection with the incident, including suspicion of attempted murder. California officials have not disclosed why they believe the accident was a result of road rage. Victims who suffer serious injuries in California car accidents usually also sustain significant monetary damages. An experienced attorney can provide information and assistance in filing a successful claim for just compensation for those damages.

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