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Seeking Maximum Settlements in Motorcycle Injury Cases

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, especially on the open road. However, motorcycle riders lack the protection of a steel frame and airbags that automobile drivers enjoy. This lack of protection means that motorcycle accidents often result in severe or catastrophic injuries to the rider. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in a motorcycle crash caused by another driver’s negligence, it is imperative to seek maximum compensation through a settlement or jury verdict. This article provides an overview of strategies for obtaining the largest settlement possible in a motorcycle injury case.
Document the Extent of Your Injuries and Expenses
The most important factor in determining a settlement amount is the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries and financial losses. Be sure to thoroughly document all injuries, medical expenses, lost income, and impact on quality of life resulting from the accident. Keep meticulous records of doctor and hospital bills, receipts for medications and medical equipment, proof of missed workdays, and notes about how the injury has affected your mobility, activities, relationships, and mental health. Quantifying these damages in dollars and cents will bolster your claim.
Retain an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney
A law firm like us that specializes in motorcycle injury cases can analyze liability, build your case, determine full compensation value, negotiate assertively, and take the matter to trial if needed. A qualified lawyer knows how to maximize settlements by documenting losses, demonstrating recklessness, highlighting severe injuries, retaining expert witnesses, and skillfully presenting compelling evidence to insurance companies or juries. Representing yourself could lead to much lower offers, so don’t make that mistake – talk to us about your case and see how we can help.
File Claims Promptly to Avoid Delays
Swiftly submit your claim to the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. Filing notice early shows the insurer you are serious about pursuing maximum compensation through legal action if necessary. Delaying notification could give the impression that your injuries and losses are minor. Prompt claims also prevent insurers from arguing the statute of limitations has expired. Again, this is something we can advise you on when we look at your case.
Be Ready to Litigate, Even if You Hope to Settle
Working with one of our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers and gathering evidence as though you are going to court, even if you prefer to settle, shows the defense you have a formidable case and a willingness to go the distance to obtain full remuneration. The insurer will often offer a higher settlement to avoid litigation. We can then negotiate from a position of strength.
The aftereffects of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Following these steps will help you seek the maximum available compensation so you can move forward after a life-changing crash. With a focused strategy and dedicated legal counsel from Rush Injury Law on your side, you can obtain the best possible settlement or court award.
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