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Study shows medication prevents some deaths from brain injuries

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Global statistics show that nearly 70 million people suffer a traumatic head injury every year. For many of these victims, there has been no effective treatment shown that could reduce damage and possibly prevent death from brain injuries. There have been countless California families who have lost loved ones to these tragic injuries every year.

A recently published study shows promise that a certain medication could provide beneficial treatment for those patients who have suffered a mild to moderate head injury. In prior studies, the drug, tranexamic acid, has already been shown to be effective in reducing the amount of bleeding in patients who have suffered traumatic injuries, such as gunshots. However, it was unknown until the most recent study whether the administration of this medication could prevent deaths in brain-injured patients.

In order to be effective, the medication needs to be administered as soon as possible. Once significant bleeding has occurred, the drug no longer provides any appreciable benefits. In addition, the drug is not appropriate for patients who have suffered a severe brain injury, as those with massive bleeding on the brain have likely already sustained irreversible damage. The study shows that those who received the medication within the three-hour window were less likely to die from brain-related injuries. Furthermore, the drug does not appear to cause serious side effects, such as strokes.

The study was conducted in approximately 29 different countries with the same encouraging results. Researchers found that the risk of death for those with mild to moderate brain injuries was 22% lower for those who were given the medication. This is encouraging for future victims who may be injured in a car accident. For those California victims who have suffered serious injury through the negligence of another party, life may have been forever altered. Victims and their families may have legal recourse to pursue recovery of their documented financial damages through the state’s civil courts.

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