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Survey reveals concerning trends in distracted driving

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Distracted driving is the cause of many car accidents and fatalities in California, yet drivers can prevent most of these accidents by staying safe and alert. The artificial intelligence firm Netradyne commissioned a study on distracted driving. To gain more insight, researchers surveyed drivers on their attitudes toward this form of negligence.

Most drivers are concerned about distractions

A total of 1,248 people with standard driving licenses took part in the survey. Of these, half expressed their concern that driving was getting more dangerous, and one-fifth of respondents pointed to commercial truck drivers as being especially unsafe. In addition, 81% were worried that distractions are becoming more common.

Respondents regularly become distracted themselves

Yet respondents themselves admitted to all kinds of distracting activities behind the wheel, the most common being drinking liquids. Netradyne found that social media usage was the most dangerous. Of those surveyed, one in seven said they had been in a distracted driving collision where they suffered injuries or lost their vehicle. And 20% admitted to receiving points on their license or a fine because of distractions.

Safety tech may help reduce the numbers

Besides defensive driving, safety features like forward and rear collision warning can help prevent crashes. Artificial intelligence may one day play a role, too; 29% of respondents expressed an interest in this.

When distracted drivers cause accidents

Perhaps you’re one of the many injured victims of motor vehicle crashes who have good grounds for being compensated. In this state, even victims who partially contribute to a crash can recover damages; although, the amount will be lowered proportionally. You may find that gathering proof of the defendant’s negligence can be difficult, especially if the police did not note it at the time of the crash. That’s why you may want a lawyer to help you with the claim and negotiations.

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