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Teens and senior drivers pointed out in recent safety study

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Recent research provided some detailed information regarding the safety of teens and senior citizens behind the wheel. Teens were more commonly involved in accidents during the study period, and senior drivers were the most common fatalities. The first consideration most would have for these statistics is that teens are less experienced and senior drivers not as attentive and responsive as they once were. However, there are more factors that affect their safety.

The Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that one underlying factor in many car accidents was the age of the vehicles. The study revealed that many of the automobiles being driven by teens and older drivers were older models with compromised safety equipment.

The study found that many of the accidents including both demographic groups were in older vehicles and that mechanical failure was a very common component of the accident details. Older models of vehicles are driven by both teens and seniors in a surprisingly high number. Teens regularly begin driving with older vehicles as a first car while many elderly drivers like their vehicle or do not want to buy something newer due to their household budget.

Attorneys who represent victims of motor vehicle accidents may be aware of this correlation. Unexplained accidents might be attributed to inexperience or lack of driving ability when automotive malfunctioning was the true cause of the collision. These cases can also include vicarious liability on the part of the manufacturer in cases where defective parts can be identified as part of the liability evaluation process. Car accident victims may want to consult an attorney to learn more about the process of filing a liability claim or personal injury lawsuit.

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