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The Dangers of Wet Floors in Retail Environments

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

Retail managers are responsible for ensuring shop premises remain safe for the public and their staff, and effectively managing the dangers of wet floors is part of this remit. However, unnoticed wet floors can often lead to severe accidents and injuries, which then result in heft compensation costs.

Slip and Fall Statistics

The CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) suggests that slips and falls are one of the leading causes of serious injuries in America, and that includes accidents caused by wet surfaces. Additionally, it’s become one of the most common causes of accidental death, with around 15,000 annual fatalities resulting from slips and falls.

Causes of Wet Floors in Retail Environments?

There are several reasons for wet floors in retail environments, but it’s usually because employees neglect their responsibilities to clean up spillages. Additionally, customers coming in from outside with rain/snow on their shoes can make surfaces wet. Retail managers are legally obligated to make sure their floors are safe to walk on at all times, which means putting preventative measures in place.

Retail Management Responsibilities and Wet Floors

Effective wet floor management doesn’t have to be difficult, it just requires regular staff training, sufficient wet floor signs, and detailed policies. For example, if it’s raining outside, shop owners can put out non-slip mats and wet floor signs as a precaution. As well as this, there has to be an effective way of dealing with discovered wet floors, like one member of staff staying with the wet floor and another going to fetch wet floor signs and cleaning equipment.

Consequences of Poorly Managed Wet Floors

Wet floors can have devastating consequences for both the victim and businesses. The injured party can be left with life-changing medical conditions that have a knock-on effect on their wider life. For example, while recovering from an accident or dealing with permanent mobility issues, the likelihood is working isn’t an option. This leads to financial stress, which can put a strain on relationships, mental health, and quality of life.

What to Do Following a Wet Floor Slip or Fall?

If you’ve had a slip or fall in a retail establishment, you’ll have to report the incident and make sure the accident book is filled out. Before you leave, you may want to collect contact details for potential witnesses. Immediately after you leave, it’s essential to have a medical assessment and collect records, which will act as proof. Finally, you need to act fast and contact our law firm to put together a reasonable compensation claim.

Even if retail managers or employees put out hazard signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not at fault. To be considered legally sufficient preventative action, the hazard sign must be visible regardless of which direction someone is approaching the wet floor sign. Therefore, you shouldn’t let the presence of a wet floor sign put you off contacting our expert personal injury lawyers.

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