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The Importance of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney With Trial Experience

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

There are a number of factors that you should consider when choosing a personal injury attorney for your case. One of the most important factors is experience, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should simply choose the attorney who has practiced law the longest. Even though the vast majority of personal injury cases settle before they go to trial, it is still important to hire a personal injury attorney with trial experience. Here’s why:

Sends A Message to the Insurance Company
Trials can be expensive, which is why insurance companies typically make an effort to settle before a personal injury case goes to court. However, insurance companies know which personal injury attorneys have trial experience and which do not. If you work with an attorney who does not have trial experience, the insurance company will not be scared of going to trial.

On the other hand, working with an experienced trial attorney will send a message to the insurance company that you are more than willing to take them to court. If your attorney is known for winning large verdicts, this will motivate the insurance company to make a more attractive offer in an attempt to settle the case out of the courtroom.

Unique Skill Set
Settling with an insurance company out of the courtroom is completely different than going against them in a trial. Representing a personal injury victim in court requires a unique set of skills that many attorneys don’t have.

To succeed in court, a personal injury attorney must be a good storyteller who can paint a clear picture of what happened for the jury. This often involves taking complex subjects and breaking them down to make it easier for the jury to understand. He must also be persuasive without coming off as too aggressive or abrasive. Finally, he must be a quick-thinker who can spot opportunities to poke holes in the defense’s case at a moment’s notice.

If you don’t hire a personal injury attorney who has trial experience, there’s no guarantee that he will have the skills that are needed to succeed in court.

How to Find A Personal Injury Attorney With Trial Experience
Ask every personal injury attorney that you schedule a consultation with whether or not he or she has trial experience. You should also ask what percentage of their cases have ended up in trial to get a better idea of how much time they have spend in the courtroom.

If you have been injured, contact James Rush at Rush Injury Law. James Rush is a skilled personal injury attorney who has experience representing victims both inside and outside of the courtroom. Contact our office by calling 415-897-4801 or filling out the online form on our website to request a free consultation.

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