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The Physical & Emotional Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

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When you think of an injury, you probably visualize physical injuries such as broken bones, bruises, or open wounds. However, sometimes it’s the injuries that you can’t see, such as brain damage, that have the most devastating consequences. Life after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is challenging for both the victim and his or her family. Here are some of the long-term effects TBI victims may have to live with:

Emotional Consequences of TBI

TBI victims experience emotional changes for two reasons. First, the part of the brain that controls emotion may be damaged, which makes it harder for them to get a grip on their feelings. TBI victims may also be fully aware they are physically or mentally different than they were before an accident, which often leads to depression, severe mood swings, and anxiety. Victims may be easily provoked and unable to control their anger when triggered. If the part of the brain that controls impulses is damaged, the victim may not be able to control some of the things he says or does, which can lead to embarrassing public outbursts.

These emotional consequences can make it difficult for a brain injury victim to maintain relationships with the people who they were once close to, such as siblings, significant others, or friends. If these ties are cut, victims may begin to feel helpless, isolated, and alone.

Physical Consequences of TBI

Besides these emotional consequences, TBI
 can also experience long-term physical effects. The exact effects will vary depending on the location and extent of the brain damage. For example, damage to the motor skills portion of the brain can affect a victim’s ability to walk or stay balanced on his feet. These individuals may need help performing basic daily tasks that they otherwise would have been able to handle on their own. Some TBI victims will need to regularly attend speech therapy to improve their slurred speech. Other victims may be partially or completely paralyzed if there was extensive brain damage.

Victims may also notice their senses are not as keen as they were before the accident. Vision may not be as sharp, or their sense of touch or smell may be greatly affected after an injury. In general, most TBI victims also have trouble sleeping in the years following an injury.

Those who have a brain injury are not the only ones who suffer. Loved ones may also experience emotional changes if they feel they have lost the person they once knew because of an injury. Caring for a brain injury victim can put a lot of stress on the victim’s loved ones, which can lead to depression or anxiety.

As you can see, a brain injury can greatly affect the quality of your life, and if your injury was caused by another person’s negligence, you should be compensated. Speak to personal injury attorney James Rush as soon as possible. James Rush will work tirelessly to hold the at-fault parties responsible and recover compensation for your injuries. Call 415-897-4801today to arrange a free consultation with our team.

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