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The Special Challenges Motorcyclists Face on the Road

To stay safe while riding a motorcycle, you must get to know the special challenges you may face while riding about. Every journey is different, of course, but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter one or more of the risk factors discussed in the post below. If motorcyclists can learn what the specific barriers to their safety are, they will be able to navigate them with more confidence.
Blind Spot Troubles
Motorcycles, while large in context, are small comparatively when put alongside all the other motorized vehicles on the road. So, if you are riding around, it is easy to feel small when going past a giant commercial truck. Because of the size of the vehicle, it is essential that motorcycle drivers know about other people’s blind spots. If you end up in the blind spot, as these vehicles often do, you are at high risk of being hit by a car pulling out because they simply cannot see you in their mirrors. People who don’t check over their shoulder will cause a crash and there’s no doubt about it.
Other Driver Judgment Calls
If there is one thing that drivers do at all times while operating a vehicle, it is making judgment calls about the world around them. They must decide how safe something is, how far away other people are, the speeds and positioning, and so on. However, when it comes to motorcycles, it is incredibly difficult to figure out exactly where a motorbike is and how fast it is going. People may use their mirrors, but it is impossible to get an accurate picture of the above information. That means cars and trucks might think you are further away than you actually are and make the wrong call maneuver wise.
Exposed Vulnerability
Motorcyclists are sat upon a high-power vehicle. They are also undeniably exposed to the elements and whims of the other drivers around them. This increased vulnerability is noticeable, and only exacerbated by factors like lack of protective clothing like helmets or boots. It makes it all the more likely that a severe injury could happen if a crash takes place, which is often life changing.
Decreased Visibility
Whether it is raining or shining, it is hard to see motorbikes. They are there one second and then they are not, and while riders can have a lot of fun on these vehicles, other road users will struggle to see them when they are out and about. This level of decreased visibility means bikers are more likely to be hit or clipped. For other vehicles, this would result in minor injuries in most cases, for bike riders, it could be catastrophic or even fatal.
Debris Challenges
If a motorcycle rider encounters road debris, they are 10 times more likely to become gravely injured. It is harder to maintain control of the vehicle, and it will more often than not lead them to swerve and crash into either something or someone.
Top Safety Tips for Motorbike Riders
How can motorcycle riders stay safe if the odds are stacked against them? While there will always be a degree of fate at play, there are a lot of decisive actions you can take that will enhance your overall sense of safety while driving on the roads around other people.
Wear the Right Clothing and Accessories
It should go without saying that you need to have the right, suitable kit for riding a motorbike. Helmets for your head are non-negotiable, but it is also wise to invest in a sturdy pair of boots and some leather or strong material jacket and pants combination. Cover up and protect your head, because the risk of traumatic brain injuries or wrongful death is so high.
Drive In Good Conditions
While you have no power at all over what the weather decides to do, it is important to move with it. Even if you have somewhere to be, you have to ask whether there are alternative travel options if the skies are looking thundery, or snowy or the roads seem icy and dangerous. Is it worth the risk you’re taking on by going for a drive?
Stay Visible
Remember, motorcycle drivers are incredibly difficult to spot in a number of positions and especially in blind spots. You can make it your top priority, and drive in a way that makes your bike completely visible at all times. This is never more important than when weaving in and out of traffic on a busy freeway or speeding around bends on country lanes. If they can’t see you, they won’t be able to avoid you and you will get hit.
Be Responsive
The final thought is for how responsive you are as a rider. If you know what’s happening around you, it will be far easier to avoid being hit by rogue drivers. Focusing on the journey is important, and a lot of people ride for the pleasure of it but that doesn’t mean you get to check out from the environment. Figure out where the hazards are and keep paying attention for the entire time you sit with the engine switched on.
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If you have been in a motorcycle accident and think another driver was at fault, we will work with you to figure out the facts. It is a troubling time, and you will be feeling vulnerable, but it is important to press forward at a pace you are comfortable with and find out how to get you back on track.
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