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Tips to Help You Avoid Dog Bites

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There are approximately 4.5 million dog bite cases every year in the United States. Dogs can attack anyone, but many of the victims happen to be innocent children who don’t realize that a dog can be dangerous. Regardless of your age, it’s important to follow these tips to avoid dog bites:

Stay still.

If you are ever approached by a dog that you are not familiar with, your brain may tell you to turn and run, but you should actually stay as still as possible . Try to remain calm and don’t make any loud noises that may startle the dog. Be mindful of what the dog is doing, but try to avoid making eye contact with him. If the dog does not begin to back away after a few minutes have passed, slowly begin to raise your hands to your neck with your elbows close together to protect yourself in the event of an attack.

Know when to approach.

There are certain times that you should never approach a dog, even if you are familiar with it. For example, if a dog is feeding her babies, sleeping, eating, or chewing on a bone, keep your distance. Dogs are more aggressive when they are engaging in these activities, so you are more likely to be attacked.

Don’t enter their space.

Dogs are territorial, so they may bite you if they feel you are invading their space. If you see a dog in a car or behind a fence, don’t try to pet or play with him. He may try to keep you out of his private space by biting you.

Read their body language.

Dogs can’t communicate verbally, but their body language certainly speaks volumes. Aggressive dogs will try to make themselves look bigger by pushing their ears up and moving them forward. Their tails will probably be up, and the fur on their necks and backs may stand on end as well. If dogs feel threatened, they may begin to growl or snarl, which is a sign that you should stay away.

Dogs that feel anxious or nervous are also likely to attack. You can tell that a dog feels anxious by looking at her posture. Nervous dogs will shrink themselves by lowering their heads, flattening their ears, and putting their tails between their legs. They may also lick their lips or yawn repetitively. These dogs may try to retreat, but if they feel threatened enough, they may suddenly attack. Before approaching a dog, take a look at his body language to determine if it’s safe to move forward.

These tips may help you avoid a dog bite, but if you are still attacked, you will need a personal injury attorney to help you recover compensation. Contact personal injury attorney James Rush at Rush Injury Law if you would like to learn more about your legal options. To schedule a free consultation, call 415-897-4801 or fill out the online form on our website .

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