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Tips to reduce boating accidents and injuries

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

Being involved in a boating accident in the state of California is not only stressful, but in some cases, it can even be fatal. It can also be confusing in terms of injuries, compensation and insurance. Knowing how to reduce boating accident injuries is the best way to prevent potential problems when you are out on the open water.

Ensure life jackets are available

One of the wisest strategies to protect yourself and your passengers while boating is to invest in proper life jackets for everyone who is on board at all times. Often, serious boating accidents occur when individuals are not properly geared up or prepared. Without a life jacket, an injury that induces unconsciousness can quickly lead to drowning.

Install a man-overboard alarm

A man-overboard alarm can audibly signal other crew members if an individual goes beyond the perimeter of the boat and enters the water. This precaution can be invaluable.

Anti-collision radar solutions

In 2020 alone, the US Coast Guard reported that approximately 50% of all boating accidents involved collisions. Installing an anti-collision radar onto your boat is a way to minimize the risk of personal injury on the water while also providing you with peace of mind.

GPS touch-screen navigation

Using a GPS touch screen for navigation should be a top priority for any boat owner. Preventing boating accidents is much easier with a clear view of your surroundings as well as the routes available.

Familiarizing yourself with the latest tools and technologies available for boat owners is the first step to ensuring your protection whenever your boat is in use. In some cases, however, even all of the protection possible is not enough to prevent a boating injury. When dealing with a boating injury, work together with a legal team that understands your unique situation and circumstances.

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