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What happens after a dog bite in California?

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

A house guest, a delivery person or even someone randomly passing a dog walker might all find themselves bit by a dog. Dog bites could cause severe damage to tissue and present an infection risk. Not taking a dog bite seriously may lead to an even worse medical emergency as the wound requires immediate care.

Before heading to the emergency room, it would likely help to take some essential steps for a recent dog bite. Washing the wound could clean out bacteria. A cursory washing might not cut it, so it’s helpful to run warm water over the wound for 10 minutes and then wash the wound with mild soap. If the wound continues to bleed, use a clean cloth to slow the bleeding.

Antibiotic creams often prove helpful when dealing with bites, cuts, scrapes and burns. Hopefully, there is some available. Applying the cream on the wound might help. So may wrapping the wound in a sterile bandage. The wound should remain wrapped until getting to the doctor. Some people choose not to see the doctor, but they may lose sight of the infection risk. Again, a doctor should look at the wound to address issues with potential infections.

A visit to a doctor and a checkup will lead to a proper wound cleaning and examination. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics. In some situations, IV antibiotics might be necessary.

The doctor may also advise specific steps to take after treating the wound. Following the doctor’s advice could increase the chances that things work out well. With severe bites, however, the patient might need surgery or must spend some time in the hospital.

Dog bites might fall under a covered incident in the negligent person’s homeowner’s policy. An individual bit by someone’s dog may wish to speak to an attorney to discuss legal options.

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