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What might cause brain injuries?

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Traumatic brain injuries rank among the most severe medical conditions that someone might suffer. The medical costs associated with addressing brain trauma may be tremendous and extensive. Recovery could take an undetermined amount of time, and rehabilitation might be highly involved. Even with extensive treatment, a person may suffer permanent lifelong disabilities, leading them to consult a California attorney about pursuing compensation from the negligent person who caused the injury.

Common causes of brain injuries

Someone who feels frustrated at being stopped in traffic may make an illegal U-turn and hit a bicyclist. The bicyclist may fracture his or her skull on the sidewalk. A regrettable incident such as this one could occur without warning.

Brain injuries may happen suddenly, and violence might be the cause. A verbal confrontation between friends, family or strangers could become physical. When people come to blows and someone “gets knocked out,” the collapse may result in brain trauma when the head hits the floor. Someone could face dire criminal charges and civil proceedings for causing a brain injury.

Other concerns about brain injury incidents

Alarmingly, many activities present the risk of suffering brain trauma. People who enjoy active sports, such as football and skiing, could risk injury. A skier runs the risk of hitting a tree, and soccer players may butt heads by accident. Even mundane routines along the lines of walking to the store come with potential hazards. Someone might slip on the sidewalk, in the parking lot or at the grocery store. If someone’s actions contributed to the accident, then the victim may have a negligence lawsuit.

Brain injuries may come with massive financial costs. Victims might have no other option but to seek compensation with the help of an attorney.

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