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What not to do after being involved in an auto accident

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

It’s safe to say that being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a frightening experience. Motorists of California, which is notorious for high levels of traffic, may be more likely to get in a car crash. Understanding what not to do in this type of situation is critical to seeing the best possible result.

Leaving the accident scene

If there’s one way to show the judge that you’re guilty, it’s by leaving the scene of an accident. However, people who leave the scene often cite that they believed the accident wasn’t a big deal. Even if minimal damage has been done, you should always stop and contact the police. The reality of the matter is that you never know what issues can arise from the other party down the line. For example, they may see symptoms of whiplash that leaves them unable to work. Those expenses may land on your lap.

Losing control of your emotions

Auto accidents are understandably frustrating, but you should never allow your emotions to get out of hand. Even if the other driver caused the collision, your anger can lead a police officer to believe that you played a role. The best thing you can do is ask the other driver if they’re okay. Any disagreements should wait to be expressed toward the officer and not the other driver.

Lack of documentation

Even if it’s you think it’s obvious another party is at fault, you should never neglect to properly document the incident. Proper documentation involves taking pictures of the scene as well as writing down street names, the time, names of police officers involved and any other evidence you may need in court.

Even if you take all the necessary steps, you may still face certain legal issues. Therefore, it’s important to obtain a personal attorney’s service to ensure that you are protected throughout the case.

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