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What to Do if You Are Injured from a Recalled Product

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Product recalls are common, and many times can result in serious illness and injuries by impacted consumers. The majority of recalls occur after an individual has already been injured by the product, and consumers retain the right to seek damages even if they are injured after a product recall is announced.

Product Recalls

The four most common product recalls are sporting goods, home fixtures and furnishings, personal use items (jewelry, clothing, electric razors, etc.) and children’s toys and products. Products are recalled due to safety concerns to protect consumers and limit claims of negligence against companies.

What is especially difficult about product recalls is that it is hard to quickly inform all impacted consumers. 18 of the 68 children’s products recalled in 2015 were nursery items that caused choking and strangulation hazards, making children product defects especially dangerous. 66% of Americans in 2016 responded that they believe a recalled product resulted in illness or injury.

Product recalls can also include food products, and 456 food items and products were recalled in 2017 for health concerns. SIx different government agencies in the United States can issue product recalls. Additionally, manufacturers and companies can voluntarily recall their products.

How to Check for Product Recalls

Consumers can find a comprehensive and updated list of product recalls on The website lists all recalls issued through six different government agencies, covering consumer products, boats, cars, food, medicine, cosmetics, and environmental products.

What to Do If You Were Injured by a Recalled Product

If you have a product or item that has been recalled, don’t use it. Some products like microwaves can easily be unplugged and set aside, but in the case of installed items, it may be impossible to remove the product. In such instances, mitigate the risks as much as possible. If a food item is recalled after you ate it, monitor your health for several days. Many illnesses related to recalled for items may take several days to become noticeable. Check to see what illnesses are related to the food item and ask your doctor how long it would take for symptoms to present.

If you still have the products packing and label, make sure to keep it. Likewise, keep any receipts you may have for the product. Document any potential injuries you suffered and keep itemized bills that are related to injuries you suffered.

Many food related recalls occur because of health risks that can cause illness, so make sure to immediately see your doctor if you become ill from a food product. Document your diagnosis.

Manufactures and governmental agencies issue different types of recalls. Sometimes a part of the product needs replaced, and in other instances the product needs replaced.

Beyond documenting the injury, report the defect to the product manufacturer. If you were injured or became ill after a recall was announced, you still have the legal right to recoup damages. Many product recalls fail to reach all impacted consumers, and many times injuries occur after recalls because consumers are not aware that the product was recalled.

If you want legal advice on a product recall related injury, contact Rush Injury Firm today for a free consultation.

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