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What Types of Compensation Can You Recover in a Personal Injury Case?

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

People are injured by negligent drivers, property owners, and doctors everyday. Luckily, victims have the option of filing a personal injury claim against the negligent part to recover compensation for their injuries. Many victims often want to know exactly how much they will get from their claim, but this is not an easy question for attorneys to answer. Compensation is not guaranteed in any personal injury case, and when it is awarded, the amount you receive will vary depending on a number of factors. What types of compensation could you be entitled to? Here’s a look at the three categories of damages that you may be awarded in a personal injury lawsuit:

Economic Damages

The first type of compensation you may be awarded in a personal injury case is referred to as economic damages. This compensation will cover expenses that you have incurred and tangible losses you have suffered as a result of the injury. For example, compensation for your medical bills would fall under this category, as would compensation for any income you have lost because of your injuries. Economic damages can cover current and future expenses and losses. If you have already incurred certain medical expenses, these are current medical expenses, but if you expect to incur more as you carry on with treatment, these would be future medical expenses.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are awarded to personal injury victims who have suffered non-monetary losses. Victims who have sustained traumatic injuries may be able to recover non-economic damages for their pain and suffering. If an injury is severe enough to prevent you from participating in activities you love, you may also be able to recover compensation for loss of enjoyment of life. Because these are non-monetary losses, you will need an attorney to help you value what you’ve lost since sustaining the injury.

Punitive Damages

Finally, there are punitive damages. These damages are unique in that they are not used to compensate the victim for any expenses or losses that he has suffered because of the injury. Instead, punitive damages are awarded in cases where the defendant acted with malice or extreme negligence. Typically, these damages are looked at as the court’s way of showing the public that this level of negligence or malice will not be tolerated.

Remember, compensation is never a guarantee, but you can increase your chances of recovering damages by working with an experienced attorney who knows how to value personal injury claims and negotiate with the at-fault party.

If you have been injured in an accident, contact James Rush at Rush Injury Law to discuss your case. James Rush can review the details of your case and let you know if you may be entitled to these various types of compensation. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation by calling 415-897-4801 or filling out the online form on our website, .

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