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Why is speeding so dangerous?

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Posted speed limits exist for a reason on California roads. When a car travels too fast, the chances of accidents increase. Even though many drivers know about the dangers, they may still travel a great many miles per hour above the speed limit. Sadly, impatience and other factors may cause a driver to speed, potentially risking tragic and fatal consequences.

Speeding factors into traffic fatalities

The sheer number of speeding-related deaths is alarming. In 2019, 9,478 people lost their lives in accidents involving speeding, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A closer look at the data shows 26% of all traffic fatalities happened because a driver chose to speed.

Some might travel at unsafe speeds despite knowing the dangers. A truck driver likely understands it becomes harder to come to a complete stop when speeding, yet many commercial truckers speed. Driving at careful speeds becomes dangerous in heavy rains, but commuters may ignore the unsafe road conditions and press down on the gas.

Speeding not only puts other vehicle occupants at risk, but the lives of pedestrians and bicyclists are in danger as well. Even with campaigns to raise awareness about safer driving, some continue to violate traffic laws flagrantly. The occasional traffic citation and higher insurance premiums won’t dissuade them.

Reasons for speeding

Several reasons exist why a driver speeds, and they could be highly questionable ones. Running late to work is no excuse to risk people’s lives, but that remains a common reason why drivers speed. Motor vehicle accidents may happen in congested traffic when an upset driver becomes aggressive and speeds out of frustration when able.

Drivers might put their personal needs above others. A sense of entitlement on the road leads to self-justifications of moving violations. Some ignore the dangers of these behaviors until a tragedy occurs, leaving them to face civil and criminal sanctions.

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