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Why trucks are dangerous at higher speeds

On Behalf of Rush Injury Law

Trucks that travel at excessive rates of speed while traveling on California roadways can pose significant hazards to other vehicles in their vicinity. This is partially because a driver will have less time to react to changes in road conditions while traveling at a high velocity. Furthermore, it will take more time for a larger truck to come to a stop while moving at highway speeds.

Greater forces are exerted at higher speeds

A passenger vehicle will likely be obliterated if it is struck by a commercial truck traveling at 55 miles per hour. There is also a good chance that the truck itself will sustain significant damage if it collides with another car, truck or object at a high rate of speed. If you are involved in a truck accident caused by a negligent driver, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney.

It might not be possible to stop in a timely manner

There is a chance that a vehicle’s brakes may lock up if a driver presses on them too hard. If the brakes were faulty to begin with, they may not do much to help the truck slow down before a collision occurs. It’s also important to note that it may be harder to come to a stop if a commercial vehicle is traveling down a hill. This is because gravity will be working against the driver’s efforts to slow the truck down.

If you are hurt in an accident caused by a vehicle that was traveling too fast when the collision occurred, you may be entitled to compensation. An attorney may be able to help you obtain funds to pay medical bills, recoup lost wages or make up for lost earnings in a timely manner.

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