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With coming school year, alert motorists can avoid car accidents

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As summer vacation for students draws to a close, the California Office for Traffic Safety is once again urging motorists to be alert. Many children on their way to and from school are at risk of becoming victims of car accidents due to inattentive or negligent motorists. Both parents and students are reminded to practice safety while traveling to and from schools.

Officials with the OTS are making every effort to remind motorists that the upcoming school year means an increase in traffic around these facilities. They reiterated that no child should be in danger while attempting to get to school or home. All motorists are reminded to be especially vigilant during the mornings and at dismissal times. Whether one is walking, driving or bicycling, all are charged with the responsibility of exercising caution and being alert to the presence of others.

Parents are encouraged to map out their child’s trip both to and from school to help increase familiarity with the route. In addition, all are urged to avoid any distractions behind the wheel or while walking. Children and bicyclists are reminded not to use earbuds or headphones and to not rely only on sound to detect approaching traffic, as many vehicles are relatively quiet. Likewise, officials stressed the need to obey traffic laws regarding school buses and the need to stop in either direction when red lights are activated.

Children are instructed to stay off the curbing while awaiting their school bus and to look in both directions before boarding or getting off their bus. As an additional cautionary measure, parents are encouraged to test their children’s traffic knowledge to help reinforce their safety. In spite of these efforts, serious car accidents are likely to continue to take a toll on travelers in California. Those who are seriously injured through the negligence of another party may choose to seek compensation for their documented damages through a successfully navigated civil lawsuit.

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