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Woman on trial for fatal car accident that killed 3 teens

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For those who choose to drink and drive, the thought that they can wind up causing the death of an innocent person likely never enters their mind. Sadly, too many California families have lost a loved one based on the negligence of another motorist. One woman is on trial for a car accident that killed three teenagers.

According to witnesses, the 29-year-old woman appeared highly intoxicated after she left a bar on the night of the crash. As she attempted to complete a turn in her vehicle, she was observed striking the curbing with the right side of her car. As she got out to observe any damages, she purportedly was staggering and showed other signs of impairment. However, she got back in her car and apparently attempted to get through an intersection before the signal light changed. California police stated that she was traveling at about 79 mph in a 45 mph zone when she smashed into the rear of a car at the light.

Upon impact, the struck vehicle immediately caught fire. Three of the four teenagers in the car were killed in the crash. A fourth teen suffered burns to his arm. According to the report, the woman’s blood-alcohol reading was approximately .28%, which is nearly four times the legal limits.

The woman reportedly has a prior arrest for drunk driving but was not charged due to a clerical error. She is currently on trial for three charges of second-degree murder along with additional charges for the injured passenger. The families who have lost their children are understandably devastated by this car accident. Families who lose loved ones due to these types of senseless tragedies are often faced with significant monetary burdens on top of their grief. They may choose to pursue recovery of those damages by filing a wrongful death civil suit against the parties deemed liable for their losses.

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