How to Handle a Teenage Driver

6 Feb, 2018
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For a teenager, getting a driver’s license is one of the most exciting times of their lives. For a parent, it’s a white-knuckled, hair-raising experience fraught with perils real and imagined. Teenage drivers have high accident rates and car crashes are the leading cause of death for people aged 16-19. Your teenager views getting a …

Medical Liens in Personal Injury Cases

6 Feb, 2018
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Medical bills can quickly start to pile up immediately after an accident, and a personal injury case can take months or sometimes even years to resolve. As a result, many personal injury victims are left wondering what to do about their medical bills while they wait for a settlement or verdict in their case. If …

Who Has the Burden of Proof in a Car Accident Case?

30 Jan, 2018
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Most people are familiar with the phrase “innocent until proven guilty,” which means a criminal defendant is presumed innocent until the prosecution has proved otherwise. In criminal cases, the burden of proof falls on the prosecution. But, what about in personal injury cases involving a car accident? Here’s what you need to know about the …

Benefits of A Spoliation of Evidence Letter After A Truck Accident

25 Jan, 2018
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It’s important to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible anytime you think that you’ve been injured due to the negligent acts of another person. Getting in touch with an attorney right away is especially important in the event that you are injured in a truck accident. Why? An attorney will need to …

Common Types of Truck Accidents

20 Jan, 2018
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Nearly 4,000 people were killed in truck accidents in 2015 and thousands more were injured. How can you protect yourself? It’s hard to avoid driving near trucks since there are thousands of them on the road at any given moment. But, drivers can protect themselves by learning how truck accidents occur so they know what …

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