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Motorcycle Dooring Incidents: Protecting Riders from the Negligent Opening of Car Doors

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Riding a motorcycle provides an exhilarating sense of freedom and adventure. However, motorcycle riders also face unique risks compared to drivers of larger, enclosed vehicles. One of these risks is the possibility of a vehicle occupant opening their door into the rider’s path without checking for oncoming traffic first, also known as “dooring”. Doorings can lead to serious injuries and even death for motorcycle riders. This article will examine motorcycle dooring incidents in California, how riders can protect themselves, and legal options if injured in a dooring crash.

Understanding Doorings and California Laws

Dooring crashes typically occur when a motorcyclist is riding in a bike lane and a driver or passenger opens their door without looking behind them first. The motorcyclist can slam into the open door at high speeds, get knocked off their bike, and be thrown into oncoming traffic. These wrecks often lead to traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, organ damage, and road rash from skidding across the pavement.

Under California Vehicle Code 22517, opening a vehicle door that interferes with traffic is illegal. Drivers and passengers are required to only open doors when it is reasonably safe to do so without interfering with other traffic. Violating this law and dooring a motorcyclist is negligence on the part of the driver or passenger. Negligent drivers can be held liable for injuries caused to motorcyclists in dooring wrecks.

Prevention Tips for Riders

While negligent drivers are at fault for dooring crashes, riders can take some steps to prevent these accidents:

  • Give parked cars extra space. Ride outside the door zone, at least 3-4 feet away from parked cars. This gives you room to swerve if a door opens.
  • Scan parked cars for occupants. Watch for brake lights or movement inside vehicles that indicate a door may open.
  • Use caution at intersections, driveways, and parking lots. This is where most doorings occur as drivers exit vehicles. Slow down and cover your brakes.
  • Wear high-visibility gear. Bright colors make you stand out so drivers notice you before opening a door.
  • Honk your horn when approaching potential door zones. Give drivers an audible warning you’re there before they open a door.
  • Slow your speed when riding in risky areas. Less speed gives you more reaction time if a door does open.

Legal Options if You Are Injured in a Dooring Incident

If you’re injured by a negligent driver or passenger dooring you in California, you have legal rights to pursue compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you build a dooring accident claim by:

  • Investigating the scene and gathering evidence to prove negligence.
  • Consulting accident reconstruction experts to analyze what happened.
  • Obtaining medical reports documenting your injuries and treatment needs.
  • Calculating damages like medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering awards.
  • Negotiating an insurance settlement or filing a lawsuit if needed.

By pursuing a dooring injury claim, you can hold the at-fault driver accountable while obtaining compensation to cover damages. This provides critical protection if a dooring leaves you with expensive medical bills and impacts your ability to work.

Don’t Suffer Alone After a Dooring – Contact a Lawyer

Being doored while motorcycling can lead to catastrophic injuries through no fault of your own. If you or a loved one has been injured in a California motorcycle dooring accident that wasn’t your fault, contact us right away. Our knowledgeable lawyers will fight to get you maximum compensation so you can focus on recovery.

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