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California city looking at ways to reduce serious car accidents

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In a short span of time, one California city reported several pedestrian accidents, including a child who suffered serious injuries. Frustrated residents held a protest to prompt city leaders to take actions to reduce the chances of further deaths and injuries caused by car accidents. Though several cities across the country have implemented Vision Zero changes, more needs to be done to prevent families from suffering the tragic effects caused by these often preventable collisions.

San Francisco is one of the more dangerous cities when it comes to traffic-related deaths and injuries. City officials are looking into solutions that can protect the well-being of cyclists and pedestrians since they are at a higher risk of injury — especially in certain areas of the city. Several suggestions include reducing speed limits, installing more red-light cameras and redesigning intersections to make left turns safer.

One of the problems with instituting changes is government regulations that slow progress and require impact studies. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency developed a program that will speed up necessary projects by reducing government red tape. One of the changes expected to be in place by the end of the year is re-timing of traffic signals to give pedestrians more time to cross intersections.

Other ideas under consideration include charging motorists for driving through certain areas of the city and making other sections car-free zones. Vehicle access to these areas would be limited to local residents and deliveries, and parking would be limited to underground facilities. Some of these ideas are inspired by other countries who have made these changes to increase the safety of their residents. Those who are injured in California car accidents often sustain significant monetary damages in addition to their physical injuries. If an accident can be attributed to the negligence of another party, victims may elect to pursue recovery of their damages by way of a personal injury lawsuit.

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