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Poor truck maintenance can lead to serious injuries

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Truck accidents are among the most horrific crashes on California highways, and they happen for a wide range of reasons. One of those is negligence regarding truck maintenance. While there are many accidents that involve big-rig trucks, the fact that a commercial truck is one of the vehicles does not necessarily mean the trucker was at fault for the mishap. However, it does mean that vicarious liability could be part of the personal injury claims when it is found through accident reconstruction or an attorney’s investigation that mechanical failure contributed to the crash.

Inspection records

Some material facts in motor vehicle accidents such as a blown tire are obvious physical causes in some cases, but there can also be other mechanical issues that cause accidents as well. Entire wheel assemblies can come off in some accidents, causing terrible damage and injury to following vehicles and passengers. Shifted loads are common as well as falling security equipment. In addition, drivers are required to inspect their trailers and cargo regularly throughout a hauling job, which also takes time and slows them down. Even with electronic logging equipment on board, drivers can still skip a physical inspection when being pressed for quick delivery by the shipping company.

Accident attorney investigation

Minor material details can be important when motor vehicle accidents are investigated by plaintiff attorneys who understand what to look for when conducting an accident investigation. California DOT will evaluate all truck accidents, but details that can impact injury claims and comparative negligence determination are often not found until the completion of the findings. Failure to perform annual inspections by drivers and trucking companies can be indications of fault, not to mention overloaded cargoes and loose anchoring booms. In addition, driver histories and prior citations for the shipping company can also suggest that trucks are not kept in top condition.

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