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Disparity among brain injury death rates

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Ongoing research among individuals with traumatic injuries has helped medical professionals improve treatment options. Of particular interest is the disparity among victims of traumatic brain injuries. Top medical and research facilities in California and across the globe continue to unpack the data in search of source causes. Meanwhile, the initial findings are alarmingly clear.

Top causes of brain injuries

Occupational hazards in the construction and roofing industries pose a higher risk of injury than a phone operator or customer service representative. Falling off a ladder could obviously result in serious brain injuries. Here are some of the most common causes:

  1. Falls from heights
  2. Slip and fall onto hard surfaces
  3. Automobile accidents
  4. Struck by hard object
  5. Motorcycle accidents
  6. Drug abuse or overdose

The average death rate for patients with brain injuries is relatively flat regardless of the root cause of the injury. Medical and technological advancements have encouraged new treatment options, and have uncovered some surprising statistics as well.

Disparity among death rates

One study that spanned more than a decade discovered that the death rate varied greatly based on racial identification. The research, which gathered data on more than 6,000 individuals, pointed to a 5% higher death rate in racial and ethnic minority groups compared to white patients.

Preliminary research points to a few common themes that are likely to account for this disparity among the individuals studied. Access to adequate healthcare and a balanced diet are cited as the most influential causes for higher death rates in some patients with brain injuries.

More research is required to reach final conclusions, but some effects of brain injuries are identical among all patients. The financial fallout and extensive medical treatment create undue burdens for patients as well as their loved ones. Legal assistance may help families sort through the damages and look for potential settlement options.

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