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San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycles are friendly alternatives to cars, trucks, or motorcycles for many San Francisco area residents, but it’s important for all cyclists to know the risks they face when riding near vehicle traffic. Whether you ride your bike for work, exercise, or pleasure in San Francisco, there is always a possibility for unexpected accidents to happen in various ways. Whenever a bicyclist is hit by a motor vehicle driver, the victim is highly likely to suffer catastrophic injuries.

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Legal Counsel for San Francisco Bicycle Accident Claims

If another party is responsible for the bicycle accident that recently injured you or a loved one, a San Francisco bicycle accident attorney is the best resource to consult when it comes to proving the damages they caused and holding them appropriately accountable for their negligence or misconduct. When reliable legal counsel is on your side, it is much easier for you to approach your recovery efforts with confidence and peace of mind.

Rush Injury Law is a team of experienced attorneys who have helped many past clients in all types of motor vehicle accident cases in San Francisco, and we have also assisted many bicycle accident victims in their recoveries. We take time to listen to each new client’s story, helping them identify the most important factors in their recovery efforts and assisting them in navigating their legal proceedings with confidence.

Most Common Reasons for Bicycle Accidents in San Francisco

Bicycle accidents can happen in many ways, and it’s vital for the victim to ascertain fault for their accident before they can secure any type of compensation. Under California law, the driver responsible for causing any accident, including a bicycle accident, must identify who is responsible for their accident and then prove that their claimed damages directly resulted from their negligence or misconduct. A San Francisco bicycle accident attorney is the ideal asset to have on your side for this first stage of recovery.

A few of the most common reasons for bicycle accidents in the San Francisco area include:

  • “Dooring,” which occurs when a driver parked on the side of the road opens the driver’s side door directly in the path of an oncoming bicyclist. Most bike lanes are adjacent to curbside parking spaces. It’s vital for bicyclists to use caution when riding alongside parked cars, and drivers should always check before opening their doors.
  • Speeding. Whenever a driver speeds, they significantly reduce the time and distance they have to slow down or stop to avoid a collision. Bicyclists can easily suffer traumatic or even life-threatening injuries in accidents that happen at high speeds.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). Drug and alcohol consumption reduces reaction time, leaves drivers more inclined to engage in risky behaviors behind the wheel, and diminishes spatial awareness. If someone who is driving under the influence causes a bicycle accident, the at-fault driver is likely to face criminal charges, and their penalty will increase automatically for causing bodily harm or death to another party.
  • Moving violations, such as improper lane changes, running red lights, or performing illegal turns. Bicyclists navigate safely by being able to anticipate the actions of nearby drivers, and when drivers commit moving violations, they can easily injure unwary bicyclists.
  • Distracted driving. Any time a driver is not paying full attention to the road ahead and their surroundings, they inherently increase their risk of causing a serious injury. Bicyclists are highly vulnerable to nearby distracted drivers as they are easier to overlook than other cars.

No matter how your bicycle accident happened, you will need legal counsel you can trust to help you navigate the difficult recovery efforts you will likely need to face to recover as fully as the law allows from your damages.

Your San Francisco bicycle accident attorney can help you identify the defendant or defendants responsible for your damages through the effective use of material evidence, witness testimony, and digital evidence like cell phone records or vehicle computer data. When you choose Rush Injury Law to handle your bicycle accident claim, our first priority will be securing the evidence needed to firmly prove liability for your accident beyond any reasonable doubt.

Damages Possible in a Bicycle Accident

While most modern cars and other enclosed passenger vehicles have various safety features like seatbelts, airbags, and vehicle frames designed to crumple and absorb crash impact, a bicycle offers none of these defenses to a bicyclist. When a motor vehicle hits a bicyclist, the victim has a very high chance of suffering life-changing injuries. A properly fitted helmet may help reduce the chance of the victim sustaining a fatal head injury, but this may only mitigate the damage from a serious accident.

Many bicycle accident victims report injuries such as broken bones, internal organ injuries, traumatic brain damage, and spinal cord injuries. While some victims will make full recoveries with time, rest, and appropriate medical treatment, others are not as fortunate and suffer debilitating permanent harm from these experiences. A bicycle accident can easily leave them unable to work for an extended time, and some victims will be left entirely unable to return to work at all because of the severity of their medical complications.

Your recovery following a bicycle accident in San Francisco is likely to start with an insurance claim against the driver who caused the accident, followed by a personal injury action. Every California driver must have insurance that includes liability coverage for property damage as well as bodily injuries, and you can file a claim against the at-fault driver’s policy. However, there is never a guarantee that the at-fault driver will have enough insurance to fully compensate for your losses or even that they will have insurance at all.

Filing a Personal Injury Case for a Bicycle Accident

After you have exhausted your recovery options through insurance with the help of your San Francisco bicycle accident attorney, the next phase of your recovery efforts is likely to be a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. This type of civil suit aims to make the plaintiff as “whole” as possible again after their injury by holding the at-fault driver accountable for the full scope of damages they caused.

When you choose Rush Injury Law to represent your bicycle accident claim, our goal is to secure maximum compensation in the shortest time possible. With our help, you can potentially hold the defendant responsible for the following:

  • Medical expenses, including immediate and long-term care costs that you face due to your injuries. Under California law, the defendant is liable for the cost of any and all medical treatment you require to reach maximum medical improvement from your injuries. Your attorney can work with your medical care providers to ensure the full scope of your injuries and medical complications are appropriately addressed in your personal injury claim.
  • Lost income, including compensation for future wages you are no longer able to earn because of your accident. The defendant may not only face liability for the income you cannot earn immediately following your accident but also the income you cannot earn in the future if you develop any permanent disability because of their actions.
  • Property losses. You may secure compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing your bicycle through your insurance claim against the at-fault driver, but any outstanding balance can be added to your personal injury case.

Once you have an experienced San Francisco bicycle accident attorney advising you, they may uncover far more expansive economic damages than you realized you could claim. However, state law allows you to also seek compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced. There is no limit on this type of compensation, and your legal team can help you make a compelling case for maximizing the non-economic damages you secure from the defendant.

Pain and suffering may be sought on a per diem basis when a plaintiff is expected to make a complete recovery from their injury. This would award a certain amount of compensation for each day they spend recovering until they reach maximum improvement from their injuries. If a plaintiff suffered permanent medical harm from their accident, their San Francisco bicycle accident attorney would be more inclined to seek a large lump sum, calculated by multiplying their claimed economic losses by a factor that reflects the severity of their condition following the accident.

Rush Injury Law has the professional resources and experience needed to enhance our client’s recovery as fully as possible under state law. When you choose our firm to represent your case, we will do everything we can to hold the defendant fully accountable for the spectrum of economic and non-economic damages they caused. Time is a critical factor for any plaintiff who wishes to maximize their compensation, so it’s best to reach out to a San Francisco bicycle accident attorney as soon as you can to start your legal proceedings.

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer FAQs

Q: What Compensation Can I Claim for a Bicycle Accident in San Francisco?

A: If any other party is responsible for causing your recent bike accident, they are liable for the full scope of economic losses you suffered because of their actions, as well as compensating you for your pain and suffering. If you want a reasonable estimate of the total damages you can claim from the party responsible for your bicycle accident, it’s best to consult a San Francisco bicycle accident attorney as quickly as you can.

Q: What Does It Cost to Hire a San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney?

A: Rush Injury Law understands that the average person cannot afford expensive hourly legal fees on top of the economic losses they have already suffered from an accident. We accept personal injury cases with no upfront costs. The fee you pay is a percentage of your total award, and there is no fee at all if we are unable to secure compensation for you for any reason. There are no upfront or ongoing legal fees for our firm’s representation.

Q: How Can I File a Claim for a Fatal Cyclist Accident in San Francisco?

A: If you lost a family member in a deadly bicycle accident, you can likely file a wrongful death suit against the driver who caused the accident. While this type of case is similar to a personal injury claim in several ways, there are a few distinct differences that will demand the attention of an experienced wrongful death attorney. While a personal injury claim seeks compensation due to the victim’s damages, a wrongful death claim revolves around the damages the victim’s family incurred and losses to the deceased’s estate.

Q: Can a Bicyclist Be at Fault for Their Collision Accident?

A: It is possible for a bicyclist to bear partial responsibility for their accident if they were negligent in any way that contributed to causing the incident. California enforces the pure comparative negligence rule, meaning a plaintiff can still recover damages even if they share liability for causing them. However, the plaintiff loses a percentage of their case award equal to their percentage of fault for causing their damages. If you have concerns about bearing partial liability for your recent bicycle accident, it’s vital to speak with an experienced San Francisco bicycle accident attorney right away.

Q: Will Filing a Personal Injury Claim for a Bicycle Accident Be Worth It?

A: If another party is responsible for causing your recent bicycle accident, there is no reason why you should bear the cost of their actions on your own. An experienced San Francisco bicycle accident attorney can help you determine the full scope of the damages you can seek with your civil suit and help you hold the at-fault driver accountable for their actions. With a contingency fee, you will part with only a percentage of your final recovery as your legal fee, and only if you win your case.

Rush Injury Law has many years of personal injury experience, and our team has helped many bicycle accident victims recover appropriate compensation for their damages. If any other party is liable for causing your recent bicycle accident, we will help you hold them accountable and seek maximum compensation for your losses. Contact us today and schedule your case evaluation with our team, and we will let you know how we can assist with your recovery.

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