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San Rafael Personal Injury

San Rafael Personal Injury Attorney

“Personal injury” is a broad legal term that applies to many different situations. A personal injury occurs when one party causes physical harm, illness, or other damages resulting in economic losses by another party. A personal injury may occur due to negligence, a failure to exercise reasonable care in a specific situation, or intentional misconduct. Some personal injury claims stem from criminal actions such as drunk driving and assault, while others happen because of simple carelessness or a reckless disregard for the safety of others.

San Rafael Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one recently suffered an injury or economic loss due to the actions of another party in San Rafael, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Rush Injury Law offers extensive experience in a wide range of personal injury claims. We can leverage this experience on your behalf as you work toward obtaining compensation for your losses.

Is it Worth Hiring a San Rafael Personal Injury Attorney?

When another party has injured you and caused significant financial losses for you and your family, it’s natural to wonder what legal options might be available to you to hold them accountable. Many personal injury victims make the mistake of believing they can handle their claims on their own and avoid paying legal fees. The reality is that a personal injury victim is more likely to succeed with their claim when they have legal representation and can secure much more compensation than they could have on their own.

If you attempt to handle your personal injury case without an attorney, you must simultaneously manage your personal affairs and the aftermath of your injury while also meeting the court’s strict procedural requirements. Missing a filing deadline or making another error during the preliminary stages of your claim can have disastrous consequences, potentially preventing you from obtaining the fair compensation you deserve. Hiring a San Rafael personal injury attorney to represent you will allow you to recover with peace of mind knowing your case is in trustworthy hands.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost in California?

It’s natural for a personal injury victim to have concerns about the potential cost of legal fees that hiring a San Rafael personal injury attorney would entail. The average person does not have thousands of dollars readily available to spend on an attorney who charges their clients by the hour. Personal injury attorneys throughout California recognize this, and most of them offer contingency fee billing to make legal representation more accessible to those who need it most. With a contingency fee, the client pays nothing to the attorney unless the attorney wins their case. The attorney then takes their fee as a percentage of the case award.

Rush Injury Law offers contingency fee billing to our clients. We’ll carefully explain how the contingency fee system works and the cost of your representation so there are no surprises. You will pay nothing up front for your legal counsel and there is no risk to you.

Types of Injuries Claims We Handle

Personal injury is a broad area of civil law that applies to many types of cases. Rush Injury Law has years of experience handling a wide range of personal injury claims on behalf of our San Rafael clients, including:

  • Car accident claims. Passenger vehicle accidents are one of the most reported causes of personal injury claims throughout the United States. If a negligent driver hit you, auto insurance may only cover a portion of your total losses. You can rely on Rush Injury Law to help you recover the rest.
  • Motorcycle accident claims. Motorcycles are fun to ride, but they are dangerous for several reasons. They are smaller and harder to see than most other passenger vehicles, and they offer no physical protection to riders when accidents occur. If another driver hit you while you were riding your motorcycle in the San Rafael area, we can help you recover your losses.
  • Truck accident claims. Commercial trucking is vital to the California economy. Truck drivers must meet strict certification standards to operate these large vehicles, and trucking companies must abide by all relevant industry regulations. Unfortunately, truck accidents can and do happen, causing devastating losses to those involved. Our team can help you address difficult questions of liability and other legal issues that commonly arise following truck accidents.
  • Bicycle accident claims. Riding a bike is a healthy alternative to driving, and bicyclists have many of the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers in California. When a driver hits a bicyclist, the bicyclist is likely to suffer severe injuries.
  • Dog bite injury claims. California enforces strict liability on dog owners whose pets bite and injure others. If you were lawfully present at the location where a dog attack occurred, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against the dog’s owner to recover your damages.
  • Premises liability claims. Property owners have a legal duty to ensure their properties are safe for lawful visitors. If you suffered a slip and fall or similar injury due to a property owner’s negligence, Rush Injury Law can represent you in your premises liability claim.

These are just a few examples of the types of cases our firm handles. If you are unsure whether you have grounds for a personal injury claim in San Rafael, determine whether another party’s actions directly caused our damages. Then, consult a San Rafael personal injury attorney as soon as possible regarding your options for legal recourse.

Damages and Compensation in Personal Injury Accident Claims

One of the prerequisites for filing a personal injury claim is proving actual harm. The plaintiff must have tangible losses they can prove happened because of the defendant’s negligence. Most personal injury claims filed in California seek compensation for multiple types of damages, including:

  • Medical expenses, both immediate and future. A plaintiff has the right to hold a defendant accountable for any and all medical treatment they require. This can include hospital bills and other short-term medical costs as well as any costs incurred for long-term treatment like rehabilitation and physical therapy.
  • Lost income and lost earning capacity. A plaintiff may be unable to work for an extended time due to their injury. Some may be unable to return to work at all because of permanent disabilities developed from their injuries. Your San Rafael personal injury attorney can help you secure compensation for any lost income resulting from your experience.
  • Property damage. Some personal injuries like car accidents also result in damage to the plaintiff’s personal property. A plaintiff can include repair or replacement costs for any property damaged or destroyed by a defendant’s actions.
  • Pain and suffering. California allows personal injury plaintiffs to recover compensation for noneconomic damages like pain and emotional distress. The amount the plaintiff can include with their lawsuit hinges on the severity of their experience and whether they face long-term or permanent complications. California does not limit pain and suffering compensation in personal injury claims, except for medical malpractice claims.

When you have the right San Rafael personal injury lawyer handling your case, your claim may be worth much more than you originally expected.

It is important to remember that California enforces pure comparative negligence law. This means that if you bear any level of fault for causing your claimed damages, you will lose a percentage of your case award. An experienced attorney can help you mitigate potential losses if you are partially responsible for causing your personal injury. Your attorney can also contest a defendant’s allegations of comparative negligence on your behalf.

What to Expect from Your San Rafael Personal Injury Attorney

Any personal injury has the potential to be a life-changing experience for the victim and their family. Approaching a serious personal injury claim is much more straightforward with reliable and experienced legal counsel on your side. When you hire a San Rafael personal injury attorney to represent your claim, you are more likely to succeed in holding the defendant accountable for your losses. Perhaps even more importantly, you are more likely to maximize your compensation under California state law.

Rush Injury Law offers client-focused and compassionate legal representation for every client we represent. We understand that the average person may feel uncertain and distressed concerning the complex legal proceedings they face with a personal injury claim. Our goal is to help each client approach their case with clarity and understanding. We will take the time to get to know your situation and explore the many ways your personal injury has affected your life. Rush Injury Law can then help you hold the defendant responsible for your personal injury accountable for your losses and empower your recovery process.

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If you are ready to discuss your options for legal recourse following a personal injury in San Rafael, our team is available to assist you. Rush Injury Law has the resources and experience you need to navigate even the most difficult personal injury claims successfully. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with our team to learn more about the legal services we can provide.

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