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Most common culprits of motorcycle accidents

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California residents who drive motorcycles typically try to ride cautiously and look out for obstacles. Unfortunately, there are many different reasons why motorcycle accidents happen.

Blind spot collisions

Car collisions that involve a motorcycle commonly happen because the motorcycle is in the vehicle driver’s blind spot. When a vehicle is traveling down the roadway and the driver decides to switch lanes, they may not see the motorcycle in their mirrors if the motorcycle is riding parallel to them. As the car driver veers into the adjoining lane, they crash right into the side of the motorcycle.

Unexpected road hazards

Cars are not the only way that a motorcycle may be involved in an accident. Unexpected road hazards are another common culprit of motorcycle accidents. In many of these cases, the motorcycle is the only party involved in the accident. Some common road hazards include potholes, animals, gravel, uneven road heights between two lanes and slick pavement conditions.

Poor visibility during left-hand turns

Another cause of motorcycle accidents that involve vehicles is poor visibility during left-hand turns. When vehicle drivers are in the turning lane to make a left-hand turn, they will turn across the lane for oncoming traffic. While it’s fairly easy to see another vehicle headed in the opposite direction, motorcycles are a different story. Many times, car drivers don’t see motorcycles until it’s too late to stop making the turn.

The above are just some of the most common reasons for motorcycle riders to get injured. Due to the severity of motorcycle accidents, it’s important that you seek experienced motorcycle injury legal counsel to represent your interests during negotiations for compensation. Contact a motorcycle attorney today for help.

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